Rolls-Royce already moved far beyond the automotive category, leading in the luxury segment, to inspire, educate and enrich lives through emotive experiences and conquest audience and introduce new impression of Rolls-Royce to younger generation of the Chinese market. Through new cross-industry collaboration and online-offline integration Omni-channel campaign, Rolls-Royce Campaign of Infinite Time in This space successfully resonated with a wider audience, especially the younger generation, expanded the brand’s horizon, and diversified the brand impression.

Tempus Collection Car Presented at ‘Space Station’

As one pinnacle luxury with over 100 years history, Rolls-Royce never stops, always playing the leading role, in perfectly combining digital platform, innovative technology, creative marketing approach, omni channel immersive experience, Rolls-Royce do set another benchmark for not only auto brands but also all the luxury brands how to engage younger generation in the new era and to reshape luxury brand image to another level high in the new era. It also won the gold medal in the IAI Advertisement Awards 2022.


Offline Pop-Up ‘Space Station’ at Plaza66 Shanghai_Day&Night

Rolls-Royce have earned praise for being innovative and ambitious with creative marketing and communication strategy all the past years to utilize all the potential opportunities in the market with very high-quality marketing attempts to continual interact with audiences, continual engage client circles, resulted in very high sales growth in China.

On April 16th, 2021, Royce-Royce launched its new pinnacle car – Phantom Tempus collection, which was limited to 20 models worldwide, inspired by the concepts of the time and the pulsar. The brand awareness was promoted to reach more dynamic groups of society and enhance the young and modern brand image through artistic installations. To tell the bespoke story behind the masterpiece and resonate more with the time and the pulsar, Rolls-Royce created a mysterious Space Station in Shanghai’s most popular and prosperous business district Plaza66, dazzling the world with its “Tempus – Infinite Time in This Space” offline experiential campaign. And joined hands with China’s top electronic music agency “FEVER FAMILY”, taking this opportunity, Phantom Tempus charges directly at the senses of the listeners in the form of music. Of all the art forms, only music can directly hit the senses and realize the empathy of human emotions. The music is formed by the arrangement and superposition of sound waves of different rhythms, which is in perfect harmony with the electromagnetic wave rhythm of the pulsar signal.

Immersive Music Experience User Interaction at ‘Space Station’

Immersive Experience Music Roaming at ‘Space Station’

Rolls-Royce Campaign of Infinite Time in This Space is widely covered through diversified channels leverage a matrix of various media platforms. Online and offline events were held simultaneously, and these initiatives effectively increased the audience’s awareness of brand activities and greatly expanded the publicity of the events. During the event, more than 5,000 people has engaged the space capsule. The official reading volume has reached more than 3.8 million, and the number of fans on WeChat and Weibo platform is increased by 900% of that in the same period last year. The total page views of H5 are 3.6 times more, compared with Peers brand campaign. The electronic music album was launched simultaneously on various music platforms and subscribed by more than 80,000 followers. It only took 1 minute that 2 Phantom Tempus sealed the deal online.

Rolls-Royce Online Campaign 360° Interaction Platform

Online Electronic Music Album Launch Online Sales Waiting List

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