Recently, RockFlow (, the one-stop investment platform for Gen-Z, has launched its latest innovative stock options product – Baby Bull & Baby Bear.

“Baby Bull & Baby Bear” is a cute name for RockFlow’s innovative stock options product. It combines options and options strategies together and eliminates learning and decision-making costs with product packaging based on users’ investment needs and scenarios. To pick the option products that fit the criteria, investors only need to make a simple judgment on price movement direction and time expectation.

Aside from that, RockFlow has also launched “RockFlow Selected”. This is what RockFlow’s investment research team has filtered out for users from various complex financial indicators (including targeted option’s profit points, leverage, expiration date trading volume, open interest, Delta, Gamma, IV, and other indicators), to help users select the best Baby Bull & Baby Bear that are in accord with theoretical financial indicators and practical trading experience, and to help retail investors to simplify the analyzing process. 

“Traditional user interface of options trading is way too complex, general retail investors are not equipped with professional knowledge to make trading decisions on option products.” RockFlow CEO Vakee Lai said. RockFlow is dedicated to making investing simpler for everyone, aiming to maximize innovation by leveraging its financial mathematics abilities, to help investors improve their trading productivity and quality.

RockFlow was founded in July 2021, headquartered in Singapore, and has raised a 10 million Angel Round from BlueRun Ventures. Since its inception, RockFlow has been a major promoter of investment innovation, which has now covered different financial products such as stocks, derivatives, ETFs, mutual funds, and other financial products from different countries. With RockFlow App, users can buy stocks traded on NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges. With its light and bright UI design along with its frictionless trading experience, RockFlow can attract the attention of Gen-Z investors around the globe, with the ambition to be their first trading app in hand, guiding them in the journey of making investments in the global markets.

About RockFlow

RockFlow, headquartered in Singapore, is an artificial intelligence financial technology company, starting by providing a simple and fun technology brokerage App for young people around the world. It is dedicated to providing cross-market & multi-asset all-in-one investment management services for young investors globally.

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