Home Harvesting: Growing Our Own Vegetable During Pandemic 1

If giving toys is a gift to people in the past, then the vegetable garden is a precious gift. During the epidemic, no one will go out easily, and buying vegetables has become a big problem. There is a group of lucky people who are not worried about buying green vegetables, started home harvesting. Because they grow vegetables with a hydroponics herb garden kitchen at home.

Home is not big, love is spirit, between square inches, there is the warmth of life around. Many parents also like to plant flowers and plants, the key is to let their children participate in the planting process, experience the prosperity and decline of life, and know that food is not easy to get.

Some people regard the hydroponics herb garden kitchen as a magical experimental field.

A few people regard it as an urban healing center and a spiritual place of peach blossom.

Some people take the opportunity to feel the idle clouds and wild cranes of retirement in advance.

Others enjoy the home harvesting process of growing vegetables with a hydroponics herb garden kitchen.

Life will never be unkind to those who manage it attentively. You deserve the joy of growing vegetables on the balcony! On this day of fighting the epidemic, may our world be still colorful, our hearts still full and light, and our taste buds satisfied because we have a hydroponics herb garden kitchen.

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