Littledata Releases White Paper on Trends in First-Party Data for Ecommerce 1

Littledata, a leader in first-party tracking for direct-to-consumer brands, has released a new white paper focused on how the ecommerce sector is adapting to the changing data landscape.

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The white paper, “A World Without Cookies: How ecommerce is adapting to the world of first-party data”, includes:
• A brief history of first-party data, third-party data and “zero-party” data
• The current state of server-side tracking
• Where Google is going with GA4 – the newest version of Google Analytics
• How the ecommerce industry, particularly larger Shopify brands, are adapting
• Contributions from industry leaders such as Recharge, Prismfly, Dwight Funding, We Make Websites, and Relo

“Littledata’s research shows that over 80% of $1-20m DTC brands are not taking advantage of siloed data in platforms such as Klaviyo and Shopify, and only a minority are using server-side tracking,” says Littledata co-founder and CMO Ari Messer. “Since we launched our first Shopify app in 2017, a lot has changed. But even more has stayed the same. Predicting that both web browsers and online shoppers would trend in the direction of increased privacy, Littledata has offered server-side tracking since the beginning. Our new white paper outlines how data-driven brands are adapting to these changes.”

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Littledata founder and CEO Edward Upton says: “New data privacy regulations like GDPR have come into effect, iOS14 began widespread tracking prevention, and major tech platforms like Google are doing away with third-party cookies for good. These changes have serious implications for ecommerce businesses that have come to rely on cookies and other browser-based tracking to create hyper-targeted ads, profile their top buyers, and refine their marketing strategies.”

“First-party data is key to customer relationships at scale,” says Yusuf Shurbaji, co-founder & managing partner of global ecommerce consultancy Prismfly. “The biggest strategic fumble we see brands make is seeing the shift to first-party data as a threat rather than an opportunity.” The white paper also includes contributions from experts at Dwight Funding, Relo, Recharge and other leading DTC-focused companies.

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