Veriff Launches Social Security Number Verification Offering 1

Solution enables more seamless and secure identity verification experience for U.S. customers

Veriff, a global identity verification provider, announced a new social security number (SSN) verification offering built to further streamline and secure the identity verification (IDV) processes of U.S. citizens. This product is available for U.S.-based companies, and organizations in other countries with customers in the U.S.

SSN verification is completed instantly, and the process is simple. Users input their full SSN or the last four digits, their full name, and either their address or date of birth. Once the automated verification process is completed, Veriff sends a notification confirming the validity of the social security number and data submitted.

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Every U.S. citizen is assigned a unique SSN, since SSNs are never recycled. In fact, since 1936, the Social Security Administration has issued more than 450 million SSNs. As a result, leveraging SSNs within the identity verification process is a low friction and a high-impact approach to proving the identity of U.S. citizens. This is especially beneficial to businesses operating in the financial services and gambling industries, where SSN verification adds another layer of security to comply with regulations, prevent fraud, and confirm that users are who they say they are.

“Social security numbers are a vital component of Americans’ identities, and as a result we’ve had great demand from many of our U.S. clients for a SSN-based verification offering,” said Raul Liive, Head of Product. “The ease, speed, and security of the new offering enables our clients to achieve the next level of compliance with the least amount of friction for honest users. This also gives businesses confidence that their end users are who they claim to be.”

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