GoGreenContacts.com Is Making The Lens Industry More Sustainable With The Use Of PlasticBank And TerraCycle 1

The company has developed green processes that help customers reduce their carbon footprint.

With climate change wreaking havoc across the globe, customers are demanding products that help reduce their carbon footprint. This includes the brand contacts category that is producing massive waste daily. One company trying to make a difference is GoGreenContacts. They are a leading supplier of brand contacts at a competitive price who use the current technology to offset, if not eliminate, the carbon footprint of the contact lenses and packaging.

GoGreenContacts.com was conceptualized by its founder, Dr. Joel B. Hayden OD, CNS, at his Mansfield, MA, Optometric practice. Dr. Hayden sees thousands of contact lens patients a year and noticed many patients were reluctant to change from 2 week or monthly modalities to daily wear contacts due to the larger carbon footprint of the daily wear lenses. The amount of waste generated by the use of daily disposable lenses is quite massive. This is where he used his experience and combined that with tetracycline technology and partnership with plastic banks to start GoGreenContacts.com.

GoGreenContacts sends containers to customers to store discarded contact lenses and blister packs. This has led to them collecting their year supply and taking it to a TerraCycle contact lens retailer via Bausch and Lomb’s One by One recycling program.

 “I was looking to find a way to change how the industry disposes of contact lenses. Today 13.4 Billion contacts are thrown out yearly in a potentially environmentally harmful way. 2.4 billion are flushed down the drain resulting in micro plastics that can be dangerous to wildlife and aquatic animals. GoGreenContacts looks to solve this issue,” says Dr. Joel Hayden, optometrist, and founder of GoGreenContacts.

Their website hosts the leading manufacturers and brands of daily disposable lenses designed to provide maximum comfort. Thanks to their commitment to the environment, GoGreenContacts has attracted a large following of socially conscious lens wearers in the country.

The owner added, “We are on a mission to clean our oceans and fight this menace that threatens the magnificent marine life. Our team is proud to raise awareness for being carbon neutral and recycling and is constantly searching for new ways to improve our processes even further.”

People who want to understand the process and why daily disposables are the best contact lens modality for the environment can check out their video here. Lens wearers interested in purchasing the lens can check out their website today.

About the company

GoGreenContacts.com was founded by Dr. Joel B. Hayden OD, CNS, who runs a successful at his Mansfield, MA Optometric practice. The company supplies leading brand contacts at a competitive price and uses the latest technology to help reduce the carbon footprint of contact lenses and packaging.

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Phone: 877-304-6473
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