Personal Injury Attorney at Hach & Rose, LLP Represents New York City Injury Victims in their Fight for Just Compensation 1
Hach & Rose, LLP protects the rights of individuals injured due to the negligence and recklessness of others. For two decades, the law firm has been recovering appropriate compensation for victims of vehicle accidents, medical malpractices, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, etc.

Personal Injury Attorney at Hach & Rose, LLP Represents New York City Injury Victims in their Fight for Just Compensation 2

According to announcements released by Hach & Rose, LLP, the personal injury attorney at this law firm helps injury victims get damages for injuries suffered because of recklessness or negligence of others. The lawyers from this law firm understand how the laws governing personal injuries work. They are aware of the steps trucking companies, pharmaceutical companies, automobile manufacturers, and insurance companies take to avoid paying fair compensation. 

The types of damages that Hach & Rose, LLP can obtain for injury victims include medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, prescription costs, loss of earnings, loss of ability, property damage, transportation expenses, and childcare costs. It can, where required, prepare a case for non-economic damages and punitive damages. 

Injuries suffered due to negligence of government employees entitle the injured party to seek claims from the government or municipality; however, the process involves documentation and time-bound activities. A formal complaint against the city, county, or state government in New York cannot be filed after 90 days from the incident. Such cases are best handled by legal experts with the knowledge and the spirit to take on government bodies legally. 

The car accident lawyer at Hach & Rose, LLP recommends that all drivers involved in a crash fill out the Report of Motor Vehicle Accident form and submit it to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Car accident injury victims must always say yes to medical treatment from emergency services. Refusing medical care allows insurance companies to downplay the extent of the injury and pay less. 

The law firm also believes that after a crash, the injured party’s best chance of obtaining just compensation is through the services of a good car accident attorney who knows the things an insurance adjuster will do to shift the blame on the injured party. 

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Hach & Rose, LLP said, “Multiple investigations will occur after your car crash. The first will involve law enforcement. If there were injuries or fatalities, an officer would show up at the scene to investigate what happened. 

They will take photos, speak to witnesses, and piece together the events leading up to the collision. They will write their findings on an accident report to file with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Typically, the report will include who they believe was at fault and any citations they issued against the at-fault driver.

If you choose to hire a New York City car accident attorney from Hach & Rose, LLP, we will perform our investigation. We will gather as much relevant evidence as possible to determine who was responsible for your injuries. The insurance company will also investigate. They will review the evidence we provide and the evidence they find to determine who was at fault.

They might ask for additional documentation and statements from all parties involved in the accident to support their theories or disprove ours.

Proving someone else was entirely responsible for the car crash is critical in a case like this. If there’s sufficient evidence, it will be challenging for anyone to dispute it.”

About the Firm:

Hach & Rose, LLP is a New York City personal injury law firm serving the deserved interests of injury victims for twenty years. It has recovered more than $500 million on behalf of its clients. Its services are delivered on a contingency fee basis and are geared to providing injury victims with the best possible resolution for their situation. 

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