Zikr1 – The Smart Ring That Doesn’t Let the User Miss Out on Prayer Timing 1
Zikr1 - The Smart Ring That Doesn’t Let the User Miss Out on Prayer Timing
Smart alarm clock
(Zikr1 is a smart ring that has the primary function of alerting the user about prayer timings.)

Zikr1 is the first smart ring of the world that is designed for the Muslims specially. The creators wanted to create a device that would help Muslims keep a track of their prayer timings. Though no one likes to miss or be late, often the hectic schedule of our lives and stress can lead to situations when one misses out on prayer times.

With the introduction of the World’s First Tasbeeh Smart Ring, it is now possible to keep track of the tasbeeh count and prayer times. Made from top-quality aluminium, this is a creative and highly innovative ring that is gaining popularity all over the world for its usefulness. The creators have ensured that the device has a long battery life so that the user can use it for a long time without thinking about the battery getting drained out.

Tasbeeh Smart Counter:

Many Muslims who choose to purchase this smart wristband do so for its ability to keep an accurate track of their daily Tasbeeh count. No one likes to make wrong calculations, and the Smart Ring ensures that counts are never wrong.

Reminds about the Prayer Timing:

It is a smart alarm clock – this is considered the most useful feature of the smart ring. This ring has an in-built Bluetooth and it easily connects with the iQibla app. The user is reminded of 5 prayer timings all the while. So, it doesn’t matter if the user is very busy or doesn’t keep track of timings. The Smart Ring plays its part and informs the user of prayer timing. The owner of the ring will never miss the prayer timing again.

OLED Display:

The Smart Ring has a clear OLED display that helps in showing the time, prayer chants, and the chant count. One needs to just look at the ring and the details can be easily seen. No additional effort is needed. The iQibla App can be downloaded and used to quickly connect with the Qibla watch and smartphone. Once the connection is complete, it is easier to synchronise data and get an accurate direction.

About iQibla:

iQibla offers a wide range of products that include special Qibla watches and Smart rings for Muslims. The products are of high-quality and offer complete value for money.

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