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Demons Row Podcast, hosted and owned by Sose The Ghost, has over 167k subscribers and has been growing fast since it started in 2018. Sose is formerly of the Thug Riders MC and a former member of the Grape Street Crips. He brings you inside to show you real-life motorcycle club culture.

The podcast is for all listeners interested in outlaw bikers and motorcycle clubs. It gets rid of all the gangland theories on outlaw bikers and instead gives you real stories from someone who lived it. Fans can expect to learn about motorcycle club culture from a former member of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

Guests have included Jason Momoa (Redrum Motorcycle Club), as well as other names such as Phil Aguilar, Ruff Ryders Vice President, and many more! Demons Row Podcast airs every Mon, Weds, and Fri on YouTube.

About Sose The Ghost

With over 33,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, Sose The Ghost has made Demons Row Into a full-time career with his insightful commentary on the world of outlaw motorcycle culture. Sose The Ghost was raised in the Bronx, with his father in and out of prison for most of his life. He turned to the streets, surviving being shot and serving time himself. In the process, his daughter was taken by the system. After returning home and taking custody of her, he joined a 1%er Outlaw Motorcycle Club. He now teaches young people how to stay out of trouble with his show Demons Row TV–The Holy Grail of MC Culture.

He works with outlaw motorcycle clubs, including the Mongols, Pagans, and Vagos, to show their positive sides and to talk about the lifestyle in a way no one has before. He got started talking in a parking lot about his life as an outlaw, and people really enjoyed it. Hulk Hogan inspired him to ride Harleys. Sose’s favorite part about owning Demons Row is being able to share his passion for motorcycles with other bikers around the world through his YouTube channel.

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