RPS Biologiques launches the first all natural fish health product for the aquarium hobbyists 1
RPS Biologiques launches the first all natural fish health product for the aquarium hobbyists
Supratect made entirely from plant material is now available for the hobbyists who want to stay away from chemicals for fish health.

Supratect™ is an easy to use veterinary health product made entirely from plant material that supports healthy fish and fish eggs. It is a safe, sustainable and cost-effective solution for maintaining optimal fish health that is being used successfully in large aquaculture operations. RPS Biologiques is launching Supratect Aquarium that makes it available to the ornamental aquarium hobbyists.

Supratect™ Aquarium is the first, and currently the only, natural fish health product to receive approval through the Low-Risk Veterinary Health Products notification program of Health Canada. To prove its efficacy research was conducted for more than 3 years at Huntsman Marine Science Center at St Andrews, NB, Canada. The product has been available for sometime for the commercial fish industry and has proven to be a very successful, safe, effective and cost-efficient alternative to toxic chemical alternatives it is replacing. Now with the launch of this product for the hobbyist aquarium market the benefits of this non-toxic, all natural optimal fish health is made available to the wider public.

Initial surveys have shown that Supratect Aquarium is a great solution for preventing diseases in aquariums. It can fix many common fish health issues that lead to serious diseases in as little as a single dose. It works in both freshwater and saltwater. Loved by breeders to keep eggs happy and healthy.

To find more information about Supratect and RPS Biologiques please visit: https://rpsbiologiques.com/supratect/

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