Steve Pappas Joins Elite Ranks of Cobalt Speech and Language 1

Boston, MA – November 03, 2022 – Cobalt Speech and Language Inc. announced today that Steve Pappas, a seasoned management executive, joins its management team in its mission to bring the world together by leveraging the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition, Conversational AI, and Conversational Marketing.

Cobalt Speech has been at the forefront of technological research and continues to provide customized speech and language solutions for small and large businesses. Among its ranks are revered members of Speech Science, Jeff Adams (Founder & CEO), widely regarded as the Father of Alexa, whose work on Amazon Echo has impacted the lives of millions.

Cobalt’s cutting-edge technology enables voice user interfaces to provide hands-free support for websites, portals, equipment and devices and greater efficiency for people from knowledge workers to airplane mechanics to surgeons. Cobalt can  help the hearing-impaired carry on conversations with no interpreters, secure customer accounts with voice biometrics, and power contact centers with state-of-the-art voice transcription and analysis. It helps people learn languages faster and better, and can help determine many factors about callers with only their voice. It alerts and coaches contact center agents to optimize conversations, enabling better customer experiences.

Steve Pappas Joins Elite Ranks of Cobalt Speech and Language 2

Steve Pappas, a management executive with decades of experience at the apex of marketing and management under his belt, is proud to join a company of such renown and prestige in the tech industry. He hopes to bring his eye for business strategy and expertise as a customer experience and marketing management executive to help Cobalt Speech in its aim to bring the world together with its cutting-edge technology.

“I’m excited to join this amazing community of individuals motivated by a singular goal—to bring the world together using voice and language technology. I’m very aligned with this goal and I’m honored to join the list of amazing people who have come through the ranks here. I’m confident that together we can achieve our aim to improve speech and language experiences for everyone involved,” Steve Pappas says.

Steve Pappas joins Cobalt’s management team and will undertake management team duties, oversee key processes, design and implement strategies, and be charged with upholding the company’s core principles. Jeff Adams said, “We are thrilled to have Steve bring his expertise and experience to Cobalt. We are confident that he’ll have a big impact on our ongoing success across the board”.

About Cobalt Speech and Language

Cobalt Speech and Language, Inc. is a provider of speech and language solutions for small and large businesses. With its team of speech scientists and dedicated employees who adhere to a single mission, Cobalt has become one of the world’s leading voices in artificial intelligence, speech recognition, conversational AI, and NLP.

Cobalt is reshaping the way businesses and individuals approach speech and language barriers by bridging the gap and providing state-of-the-art speech technologies. Its mission is to bring the world together by leveraging the infinite benefits of AI.

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