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Lost teeth cause problems when they interfere with chewing or make a person’s smile look less attractive. Those with missing teeth need to learn about their options for replacement with implants. Scheduling a consultation with Tryon Family Dentistry is the first step in the process of getting implants. 

Reasons People Lose Their Teeth

Tooth loss can occur for multiple reasons. The following are some of the most common causes when people are missing teeth. 

  • Cavities

  • Gum disease

  • Injuries

  • Congenital problems

No matter the reason for tooth loss, the negative impacts can be far-reaching. Those who want to replace their missing teeth permanently have the option of seeking dental implants. Implants offer a natural-looking replacement option that lasts. Patients will never have to worry about having their implant base replaced because it becomes a permanent part of their smiles. 

What Are Implants?

Implants consist of three parts that form one working tooth unit. Once installed in a patient’s mouth, the only visible part of the three is the dental crown, which is made to closely resemble the size, shape, and color of the patient’s surrounding teeth. 

Preparing for the Consultation

Patients must go through a consultation before being approved for implants. The dentist will need to check the patient’s entire mouth and take X-rays to determine if there is ample bone in the missing tooth socket. If the bone in the socket has deteriorated, the dentist can apply a bone graft to encourage new growth. 

If a patient is a smoker or has oral health issues, they will need to be cleared for treatment first. Stopping smoking will help a patient with the healing process that takes place after implant placement. Once the patient goes through procedures to fix any cavities, gum disease, or infections, they can be cleared for implants. 

What to Expect From Implants

The procedure for getting implants can be done through same-day processes or three-part options. No matter the type of procedure, the first step is the placement of the implant base. The base is implanted via a surgical procedure that opens the gum tissue. 

The dentist will drill down into the bone tissue to allow for the placement of the implant. The dentist will then suture the gum tissue closed to allow the healing process to take place. The bone tissue in the jaw will begin growing around the new implant base, making it become a part of the patient’s smile permanently. 

If the patient is undergoing a same-day implant procedure, all the parts of the implant will be put in place on the same day. The three parts of the implant include the implant base, the abutment, and the dental crown. 

Signs Dental Implants Are Right For a Patient

Implants can be used to replace missing teeth anywhere in a person’s smile. Generally, a person is a good candidate for implants if the following are true. 

  • The patient has a healthy smile. 

  • The patient has one or more missing teeth. 

  • There are no health conditions that would impact the surgery or healing process. 

  • The patient does not want to wear dentures or a crown. 

  • Individuals want to improve their speech. 

  • The patient’s jawbone is fully grown. 

  • The individual is willing to commit to months of treatment. 

What Happens If Patients Need Bone Grafts?

If a tooth has been missing for a long time, the body may begin to break down the bone tissue in the socket, leading to a loss of volume. The implant base must have substantial bone growth to sit solidly in the jawbone. If bone tissue is missing, the patient will need to go through a bone graft. 

There are a few options the dentist can use for a bone graft. Natural bone grafts come from a donor or another part of the patient’s body. There are also bone substitute materials that can be placed in the patient’s jawbone to support the new implant. 

Individuals pursuing implants need to be aware the bone graft process can take several months. Bone grafts are essential for the process because a lack of stability in the jawbone could lead to surgical failure. 

Learn More Today

Those interested in implants need to schedule a consultation. Contact them today to get started on the process. With implants, smiles are made complete.

Here at Tryon Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients with the full dental services they need for healthy smiles. We provide dental care for all ages.

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