Verified Places – Supporting Brands and Individuals with a Checkmark on Instagram 1

 Verified Places – Supporting Brands and Individuals with a Checkmark on Instagram 2

Melissa and Youri, two young enterprising individuals, created Verified Places as a solution to support businesses and profiles on Instagram with a blue check mark.

Verified Places is an online marketing agency that specializes in helping brands, entrepreneurs, celebrities, artists, models and athletes grow their social media following. They have over 40 million followers across several engagement groups on Instagram, which helps to support and promote each other. Additionally, Verified Places also has groups with over 1 million followers each – resulting in increased growth and exposure for accounts involved.

Melissa Kasse and Youri den Dekker are the co-founders of Verified Places; both young entrepreneurs who saw a need for this type of service. They are excited to help others achieve success on Instagram through the use of their verified check mark badge.

What sets them apart from other agencies is their focus on quality over quantity. Melissa works at an out-of-school care facility and is passionate about helping businesses grow their online presence. Youri den Dekker is a student who has a keen eye for detail and a passion for social media. Together, they make a great team that is dedicated to helping their clients succeed.

Both Melissa and Youri are committed to helping their clients grow their online presence and reach their goals. They care for their clients and want to see them succeed. Their vision behind Verified Places: “A safe and easy way to get more engagement on your accounts.”

At one meetup, Melissa said: “We love getting to know the people behind the brands, and we’re always looking for new ways to help them grow.” Youri added: “We’re here to help you grow your account and get the most out of Instagram.”

The team at Verified Places is always looking for new and innovative ways to help their clients grow. They are excited to continue helping brands and individuals with a verified check mark on Instagram to increase their engagement that will simultaneously grow their business.

If instagram users are looking to get more exposure and engagement on Instagram, be sure to check out Verified Places! Melissa and Youri are concerned with quality over quantity and will be sure to help out users in any way possible. With a verified check mark on Instagram, users are guaranteed to get more views on their page.

Check them out today at  to get started!

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