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Airea is a collection of natural, crystal-infused sprays. Their name comes from the term energy field, as the aura is professed to be an essential part of human beings and animals. It is believed that mental, emotional, and spiritual levels join to form a colorful energy field around one’s body, and aura results.

Airea has developed a new sleep spray infused with crystals that promote a healthier mood, mind, and sleep schedule. Because sleep is such a huge factor in health, and the owner himself has struggled with insomnia, Airea invented a holistic formula to combat sleep disorders. The result? Airea’s crystal-infused sleep spray.

Infused with amethyst, Moonstone, lavender, chamomile, and linalool, each ingredient is packed with health benefits proven to induce a relaxing sleep. Also known as an aura spray, the Airea spray is made from essential oils and crystals, and is said to bring good vibes to bodies, linens, and indoor environments.

Non-toxic and safe to use, each fragrance in the Airea collection is named with a different intention. Carefully customized with the appropriate crystals to fit the person’s will, i.e., Prosper contains crystals that align with prosperity, there’s a spray for every type of ailment. In this case, Airea is featuring their Sleep Pillow Spray.

Each ingredient in the sleep spray is made to induce relaxation. Amethyst is known to calm rage and anxiety and quell fears and negative thoughts. Moonstone is said to have a tranquil energy that cools down emotions and tension, inviting restoration, creativity, and protection. Lavender is a famous scent and essential oil and is famously known to improve sleep, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, and reduce overall anxiety by affecting the body’s fight or flight response. Chamomile is right along there with lavender as an overall relaxant and aid to relieve depression, anxiety, and digestive issues. Lastly, linalool, a lesser-known terpene, affects serotonin levels by quieting the brain and nervous system to produce a calmer sleep and combat insomnia.

Airea’s all-natural sleep spray is recommended and safe for people of all ages and genders who struggle with insomnia, restlessness, and other sleep disorders.

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