AUROPOLA LED Headlight Bulbs Improves Safety of Night Drive 1

Headlights are a night driver’s best friend. With the increased global emphasis on maintaining 24 hour economies, it is crucial for vehicles to be fitted with the best, most optimally functioning set of lights, guaranteeing the drivers a comfortable and convenient experience while going about their duties. For this reason, manufacturers of headlights are always seeking to avail the highest quality and effective products on the market.


AUROPOLA is a globally famous company in the LED lighting industry. The company, which has been in operation for more than 16 years, perpetually aims to provide quality, durable and high performance lights. The brand prides itself in its non-negotiable principle of “Customer and product quality first.” The manufacturer has availed the Auropola H11 LED headlight set.

The Auropola H11 LED is proving to be a significant upgrade on the standard halogen bulbs, as it shines up to 3 times brighter, illuminating a distance of almost 650 ft. This level is however not to bright, guaranteeing the comfort of the drivers and other road users at night. The headlight works impressively well even in poor weather conditions, enhancing visibility of road signs and obstacles alike.

The headlight embraces AUROPOLA’s patent design, which merges the LED chip with a heatsink that allows the bulbs to operate at temperatures of 176Fo or lower, thus ensuring better dissipation of heat. Furthermore, the headlight is coupled with a powerful 12000 RPM fan, also helping to maintain its cool. This results to a significantly high lifespan of up to 50000+ hours.

AUROPOLA LED Headlight Bulbs Improves Safety of Night Drive 2 

AUROPOLA’s LED bulbs, while producing brighter light than their halogen predecessors, consume way less power as they save 70% energy. This makes it an environment friendly option when it comes to headlights.

In order to ensure that a vehicle is compatible with either the H11 low beam or 9005 high beam, there is a fitment tool provided that only requires one to enter the model of their vehicle, then they will be informed about the compatibility.

The headlights are easy to install, more like plug and play, as no modifications are required on the vehicles for the lights to be installed.

AUROPOLA LED Headlight Bulbs Improves Safety of Night Drive 3 

AUROPOLA seems to have addressed the previously troublesome headlight issues with their low beam and high beam varieties. With the features that their products are equipped with, it is obvious that the LED headlights are significant upgrades on what was present in the market before.

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