Epiphan Video joins Grass Valley Alliance, Integrating Epiphan Connect for Microsoft Teams with GV AMPP 1

Epiphan Video, a global leader in video capture, streaming, and recording solutions, announced it has become a member of the Grass Valley Alliance. Epiphan Connect brings the accessibility of Microsoft Teams to Grass Valley’s Agile Media Processing Platform (AMPP), helping live event presenters and broadcasters seamlessly bring in video and audio from remote contributors with the familiarity of the world’s most common business application.

Organizations that produce media using Grass Valley solutions, can now easily add Microsoft Teams users in all their forms with Epiphan Connect. Whether on 5G with mobile, at home on a laptop, or in your Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs), talent will look and sound great when participating in a news segment, corporate broadcast, or industry event.

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“Epiphan Connect brings the simplicity of Microsoft Teams to Grass Valley users, improving all aspects of hybrid production, without the costs associated with replacing existing infrastructure,” says Nic Milani, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “Producers benefit from easily connecting remote contributors to their event, while participants experience the convenience of Microsoft Teams. Epiphan Connect even turns MTRs into mini-studios. Everyone wins.”

By leveraging Microsoft Teams, users can deftly create polished live, hybrid and on-demand video experiences that serve brands to the fullest.

“Bringing in remote contributors can be very complex, involving custom equipment and additional production staff along with specialized connections. The integration of Epiphan Connect and AMPP eliminates all of that,” says Chris Merrill, Director of Product Marketing for Grass Valley. “Customers can now bring on-camera contributors into their production from anywhere without any special equipment or production knowledge required of the remote contributor. The worlds’ best production and distribution platform just got the power of Microsoft Teams.

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