GreatWhip announces a monthly production capacity of up to 40 million Great Whip Cream Chargers 1
GreatWhip announces a monthly production capacity of up to 40 million Great Whip Cream Chargers
Great Whip Cream Charges

In the food industry, whipped cream is a common preservative used in desserts and beverages. Traditionally, whipped cream has been served right after it is dispensed from a canister or carton. However, this method is inconvenient when the user needs to dispense whipped cream over a long period of time, like during an event or a party. A whipped cream dispenser allows users to pump large amounts of air into the cream to create fluffy whipped cream that can be used for topping desserts and drinks.

GreatWhip ( is a company that manufactures whip cream chargers for commercial use. The company was established for more than 10 years and manufactures non-pressurized reusable whip cream chargers that are compatible with standard whip dispensers commonly used by hotels, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. Great Whip Cream Charges are made from BPA-free plastic and come in various colors and designs. GreatWhip offers fast shipping, and they have warehouses in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, and Belgium so that customers all over the world can get their orders quickly.

The Great Whip Cream Charges inventory list is provided on their website for customers to choose from when deciding on their purchases. Each product page provides information about recommended uses, along with the description, price, weight (including shipping weight), and dimensions. There are also collection pages that feature a whole range of items in a single category based on users’ specific needs or preferences. In this way, customers can collect each item they want all in one place without having to search through dozens of pages to find them or purchase them separately. This may also help those who need to purchase items in bulk.

GreatWhip spokesperson explained, “Our company supplies nitrous oxide chargers and CO2 for the food industry and recently has various sizes of cream chargers. The 8G, 580G, and 615G chargers are designed for use with nitrous oxide, which makes them suitable for use with N20 cream dispensers, as well as whipped cream machines that use CO2 cartridges.”

GreatWhip is a major distributor of whipped cream dispensers and chargers for use with commercial and industrial products. The company has retained a positive reputation and high customer satisfaction over the past several years due in large part to the quality and consistency of its products. The GreatWhip product line includes 8G, 580G and 615G N2O cream chargers and also CO2. GreatWhip products are made with state-of-art fully automatic machines to produce a full range of flavors including mint, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, banana, and grape.

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