JSP SUP Shares How To Choose Between An All-Around Or Touring Inflatable Standup Paddleboard 1
Top ISUP Brand JSP SUP Shares The Best Ways For Paddleboarders To Select The Best Inflatable Paddleboard For Them

Embark on the zen of the water world with JSP inflatable standup paddleboard. The popularity of the Inflatable Standup Paddle Board is rapidly increasing due to its simple setup, affordable price, maneuverability, and fun water activities.

Whether it’s a calm yoga class, daily fitness workout session, or exploring the shoreline, solo or with a close one, kids, dog, – inflatable SUP offers you do it reliably, safely, and effortlessly.

What’s more, it adds a unique experience to your daily fitness activities, a fantastic experience with personal leisure time, and boosts your overall motivation for wherever your interest lies.

Stability and straight tracking are two significant challenges that ensure a hassle-free, entertaining paddling experience. JSP introduces 10 feet Limitless and 10.5 feet Makani all-around paddle boards, engineered with an expansive deck and planing hull design offering a solid platform to stand on and track straight in choppy or calm water on a breezy day.

Limitless features a 280 lb. weight capacity, and the Makani can hold up to 330 lb. Hence, both can carry 1 adult plus 1 child or pet while providing a smooth gliding experience.

Thanks to its premium-grade accessories, including the easy manual pump that can inflate the blowup board in under 10 minutes. The Halkey-Roberts valve prevents air leaks, military-grade doubled-wall PVC keeps it from ripping, and the screwless Kumano Fin System never comes out during paddling.

Easy to fold up, compact size and virtually zero maintenance are some great features that have caught the attention of many enthusiastic paddlers. Storing it dry is crucial that applies to all inflatable boards regardless of their brand.

JSP SUP, a US-based small business, offers a two-year warranty on material. Questions and concerns are always welcome and answered by a friendly customer service team.

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