Khemosafe Builds Smart Device to Mitigate Against Hazardous Chemotherapy Exposure and Develops An ESG Strategy For Its Company 1

Khemosafe is on a mission to save the lives of healthcare workers and patients with its smart technology device. The smart hazardous waste disposal device is built to mitigate against hazardous vapor exposure from chemotherapy and provide clean air for everyone involved. Khemosafe also developed an ESG strategy as the prospect of the unique firm has grabbed the attention of a lot of investors.

Khemosafe is founded by Louis Soto who worked as a pharmacist for 26 years and experienced firsthand the dangers of hazardous waste vapor exposure. Louis believes that nurses should not put their health at risk when they administer chemotherapy treatments to their patients. However, this is exactly what happens when nurses dispose of hazardous waste. While people are just getting aware of this huge problem, Khemosafe has designed this smart technology device to get rid of it one hospital at a time following the standards of USP 797 and USP 800.

This unit not only protects against nurses’ exposure to chemotherapy but also empowers and helps hospitals make future waste plans while reducing costs. Khemosafe helps health institutions to contain costs by allowing each facility to take complete control of how its hazardous waste is collected.

According to Founder, Louis Soto, ‘‘Khemosafe smart technology will save lives by mitigating hazardous vapor exposure to nurses, patients, and the environment.’

Khemosafe is the only company to have designed a hazardous waste unit that employs IoT technology to prevent the further dissemination of vapors. The prospect of the unique firm has grabbed the attention of a lot of investors. Though Khemosafe’s sole concern is creating devices that will help save lives, the firm does well to consider the interests of its potential investors. Monitoring the firm’s ESG performance, most investors rate Khemosafe as an investment-worthy firm.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are a set of operational requirements that socially conscious investors use to evaluate potential investments. Companies also use ESG to define those activities internally and promote them to the outside world. 

ESG has three elements: environmental, social, and governance. Environmental standards consider a company’s actions as a steward of the environment. Social criteria consider the company’s relationships with its workforce, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which it operates. Finally, governance includes matters such as a company’s management, executive compensation, audits, internal controls, and shareholder rights.

Khemosafe currently has a Regulation Crowdfunding offering through TruCrowd. Regulation Crowdfunding is a method created by the SEC for companies to raise money by selling securities.

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