Maxlook launches world’s first magnetic selfie stick product designed specifically for iPhones 1

Magnetic Selfie Stick is a brand-new portable, selfie stick for iPhone series designed by the young, brilliant minds at Maxlook.

The selfie stick is a polarizing tool in the modern world. Some people love the functionality they offer. Others are unsure about their utility. Regardless, using selfie sticks for photography can provide extra benefits. For users of the prestigious iPhone, Maxlook’s selfie stick has the unique honour of being the first magnetic selfie stick product designed specifically for iPhone.

”Our Magnetic selfie stick perfectly fits MagSafe and comes with a concise style. It inherits all the useful features from traditonal selfie sticks like remote control, hidden tripod while abandoning the “old school” look,” said the creator, Bella Zhao. Our magnetic selfie stick is strong, magnetic and can hold 1.4kg of weight safe and easy.

The all-in-one, multifunction selfie stick is available for all MagSafe models.

Maxlook launches world’s first magnetic selfie stick product designed specifically for iPhones 2

Maxlook, from parent company INFINITEMIND CO., LIMITED, is replete with a team of gifted, young entrepreneurial minds from China. The creator, Bella Zhao, used to work for Xiaomi and has led the creation of several successful Xiaomi products. ID designer, Yingyi Wang used to be a designer of video game consoles, etc. Other members of the team include Rex Zhang, Fonfon Chen, and Meixia Ouyang.

The Magnetic Selfie Stick from Maxlook has elicited rave reviews from its users. ”It’s the best selfie stick I’ve ever used. It’s portable, durable and lightweight. It’s everything they said it is and more. Now I feel like taking pictures and videos all day long. Thank you Maxlook for this awesome product,” declared a satisfied user.

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INFINITEMIND CO., LIMITED was founded in 2022, focusing on digital product’s peripherals. We are a comprehensive enterprise including independent research and development, design, production and sale. INFINITEMIND CO., LIMITED is a new brand operation based on parent company, our purpose is to provide brilliant user experience and innovate creative accessories in life.

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