Mumbai Eye Care Announces Cornea Surgery Using Cutting-Edge Technology and Skilled Ophthalmologists 1
Laser Vision Eye Correction, Glaucoma Treatment, Retina Surgery, Corneal Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Contact Lenses & General Eye Care in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.
The clinic is one of the top eye care centres in Mumbai. They currently offer international standard cornea surgery with comprehensive equipment.

The Mumbai Eye Care Clinic has announced they are able perform cornea surgery in Mumbai. Some common conditions treated by cornea surgery include cataracts, glaucoma, pterygium (an abnormal growth on the eye that results in loss of vision), corneal ulcers, and corneal diseases. Besides cornea surgery, cornea transplantation can also be performed at the Mumbai Eye Care clinic located at 101/102, Sai Vaibhav CHS, Nr. Vikrant Circle, Ghatkopar East. The clinic is available for anyone with eyesight problems.

Cornea transplantation is rarely performed to cure blindness but rather to improve sight in patients with severe corneal disease caused by injury or disease. After removing scar tissue or ulcers from an area of the cornea left with no functional vision, an area of healthy donor tissue (from either a cadaver or another living person) is transplanted to act as an implant lens. Dr. Jatin Ashar, the Mumbai Eye Care specialist can perform cornea surgery with a high level of success and satisfying results. The clinic not only provides services for local residents but also for people from outside Mumbai. In addition, the doctors have successfully performed corneal surgery for more than ten years.

According to a Mumbai Eye Care specialist, “When selecting treatment for eye problems, it’s essential to have proper options from which doctor to choose. It may be promising to go with the first option that comes to mind, but this is a bad idea to choose a clinic without proper information. With Mumbai Eye Care, you’ll have access to the same highly skilled and experienced professionals who perform cornea surgery in Mumbai. At Mumbai Eye Care, our doctors are committed to delivering top-quality care and outstanding results, giving you and other patients, vision you need and deserve.”

About The Clinic

Mumbai Eye Care is a leading eye care facility located in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, India. The doctors and staff have extensive experience performing cornea surgery and treating other eye conditions. The eye centre has served over 1000+ corneal surgeries successfully. The clinic utilises the latest technology and a top-notch cornea specialist in Mumbai. Furthermore, Mumbai Eye Care provides cutting-edge procedures such as bladeless LASIK and femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery. Moreover, their services also attract patients from other cities and countries as well. Dr. Jatin Ashar, the clinic’s leading eye specialist, performs routine check-ups as well as customised eye surgeries for patients.

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Company Name: MumbaiEyeCare
Contact Person: Dr. Jatin Ashar
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Phone: +91 8451045935
Address:101/102, Sai Vaibhav CHS, Nr.Vikrant Circle, Ghatkopar (East)
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
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