Advertising Recognizes Faces: Adello Launched New AI-Powered Mobile Advertising Format 1

Adello brings AI advertisements to mobile. #Smileforme format allows recognizing faces, emotions, age and gender to offer advanced ad personalization.

As a Swiss-American mobile advertising pioneer, Adello constantly presents new and innovative advertising formats. Recently, they released #Smileforme, the first AI-driven rich media ad.

The demands and challenges of digital advertising are rising. It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify customers and reach target groups. As a result, it is even more critical to address this in a way that complies with data protection regulations. These challenges have inspired Adello to further improve cookie-less targeting through AdCTRL™, used since 2008 to serve target mobile audiences. AI-powered rich media ads can capture users’ attention and simplify interaction.

#Smileforme is the latest Adello ad creative innovation and the first AI-powered ad media in the industry. With the explicit consent of the user, it activates the camera and, in the first generation launched now, recognizes emotions, age, gender, and location. This enables powerful segmentation without the need for time-consuming personal data entry.

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Lately, Adello won the platinum award with the new advertising format at the MarCom 2022 Awards.

Anna Pak, Head of Marketing at Adello:

“At Adello, we believe that exceptional advertising is based on human emotions, interaction, and behavior. With our patented AdCTRL™ technology, we can accurately recognize faces without relying on third-party cookies and serve users with interactive ads that evoke emotion. How do you want your target audience to feel when your ads are served? Use our AI and Creativity to show that you care about them and make the interaction innovative, exciting, and convenient.”

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