Author KJ Goforth’s New Poetry Release, Cosmic Citizen, Is an Introspective Look at the Healing Process and the Impact of Unconditional Love 1
Our lives are filled with learning opportunities–some beautiful and some devastating. Only through these experiences do we learn how to heal, and no one knows this better than KJ Goforth, poet, and author of the newly released Cosmic Citizen. Goforth’s poetry reveals the intense work put into achieving 20 years of sobriety and the resulting personal growth. Themes of self-reliance and self-discovery are woven throughout Goforth’s work, revealing a unique perspective on overcoming adversity.

“After years of pain, it was time to heal from it.”

Cosmic Citizen is KJ Goforth’s work of heart. Cover to cover, Goforth shares with readers the results of an incredible journey from a past riddled with atrocities through a struggle with recovery into a state of self-awareness and tranquility. The author shares the secret to pulling oneself through trying times without programs and reliance on organized religion. Goforth’s work is revealing in the most raw and honest ways.

“…poetic joy, at times tempered with the “rough stuff” of life…” – The US Review of Books 

About the Book:

Readers will find inspiration on many levels in KJ Goforth’s new release, Cosmic Citizen. Goforth’s short book of poems brings to light the author’s own struggles and his amazing recovery. The reliability of his work makes Goforth’s new release a must-read for all readers, no matter their current struggle. The experiences and inspiration shared by Goforth are timeless and will be remembered long after the final page is read. 

“GoForth’s poetry inspires in an unapologetically unpretentious manner…”

The US Review of Books

“This poetry, and more to come, is self-expression at a core level.”

About the Author:

KJ Goforth believes in using every day to express himself in a loving manner. As is his own experience, he encourages others to use critical thinking to formulate solutions for the traumas they may have experienced. Goforth is no fan of conformity and always looks for a way to ask “why?” After achieving 20 years of sobriety without organized religion or reliance on support groups, he has vowed to share his experiences with others in the form of verse. Above all else, Goforth is adamant that we never stop learning and growing. Readers can look forward to more of his work as Goforth promises he has many more poems in the works with plans to follow up his new release, Cosmic Citizen, soon.  

“This poetry pleas for an embrace of all that is precious and good.” – The US Review of Books

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