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DelveInsight’s, “Hepatocellular Carcinoma Pipeline Insight, 2022” report provides comprehensive insights about 80+ companies and 80+ pipeline drugs in the Hepatocellular Carcinoma pipeline landscape. It covers the pipeline drug profiles, including clinical and nonclinical stage products. It also covers the therapeutics assessment by product type, stage, route of administration, and molecule type. It further highlights the inactive pipeline products in this space.


Key takeaways from the Hepatocellular Carcinoma Pipeline Insight Report

  • DelveInsight’s Hepatocellular Carcinoma Pipeline report depicts a robust space with 80+ active players working to develop 80+ pipeline therapies for Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
  • The leading Hepatocellular Carcinoma Companies such as Sinocelltech, AVEO Oncology, Oxford BioTherapeutics, Beijing SyngenTech, Surface Oncology, Novartis Oncology, Array BioPharma, Taizhou Hanzhong Pharmaceuticals,  Akeso Biopharma, Innovent Biologics, Eli Lilly and Company, Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Chugai Pharmaceutical, CStone Pharmaceuticals, Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine, Shenogen Pharma, and others are reported to bring a significant shift in the Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
  • Promising Hepatocellular Carcinoma Pipeline therapies such as lenvatinib, pembrolizumab (200 mg), Tivozanib, Durvalumab, Sorafenib, Enzalutamide, AZD9150, GC33(RO5137382), mapatumumab, and others.
  • The companies and academics are working to assess challenges and seek opportunities that could influence Hepatocellular Carcinoma R&D. The therapies under development are focused on novel approaches to treat/improve Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
  • In the report, detailed description of the drug is given which includes mechanism of action of the drug, clinical studies, NDA approvals (if any), and product development activities comprising the technology, Hepatocellular Carcinoma collaborations, licensing, mergers and acquisition, funding, designations and other product related details.


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Hepatocellular Carcinoma Overview

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a rare disorder in the United States, but the most common primary tumor of the liver. Most people have an underlying liver disease such as infection with hepatitis B or C virus, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Most people have cirrhosis, which is scarring of the liver that can occur as a result of chronic liver diseases. If HCC is found early, there may be curative treatments offered. However, HCC often does not cause any symptoms, especially early in the disease course. If HCC is diagnosed at a late stage, patients may not be able to receive curative treatments, and care is then geared toward helping people have a better quality of life. Although HCC does not necessarily cause symptoms, many individuals will have symptoms caused by the underlying liver disease. The exact cause of HCC is not fully understood. Most people do not have any noticeable symptoms associated with hepatocellular carcinoma. They may have symptoms related liver cirrhosis that may become more difficult to control. Because of the underlying liver disease and HCC, the liver may become decompensated. This means that an organ, in this instance the liver, is having trouble compensating for the effects of disease. Symptoms of liver decompensation can include fluid buildup in the abdomen (ascites), an abnormally enlarged spleen (splenomegaly), high pressure in the main vein that supplies the liver (portal hypertension), yellowing of the skin, eyes and mucous membranes because of the buildup of bile in the body (jaundice), and hepatic encephalopathy, a condition in which toxins that are normally cleared by the liver are not cleared and instead travel through the bloodstream to the brain.


Latest Breakthroughs of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment Landscape

  • SCT I10A is a drug used to treat Hepatocellular Carcinoma. SCT I10A is being actively studied in II/III study; no studies for this drug have been completed so far.
  • FOTIVDA® (tivozanib) is an oral, once-daily, differentiated vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFR) tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI). It is a potent, selective inhibitor of VEGFRs 1, 2, and 3 with a long half-life designed to improve efficacy and tolerability. AVEO received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for FOTIVDA in March 2021 for the treatment of adult patients with relapsed or refractory advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) following two or more prior systemic therapies. FOTIVDA was approved in August 2017 in the European Union and other countries in the territory of its partner EUSA Pharma for the treatment of adult patients with advanced RCC. Tivozanib has been shown to significantly reduce regulatory T-cell production in preclinical models. Tivozanib was discovered by Kyowa Kirin (KKC) and is also being studied as a new formulation by KKC in wet acute macular degeneration.


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Hepatocellular Carcinoma Emerging Drugs

  • Tivozanib: AVEO Oncology
  • SCT-I10A: Sinocelltech


DelveInsight’s Hepatocellular Carcinoma Pipeline Report covers around 80+ products under different phases of clinical development like

  • Late stage products (Phase III)
  • Mid-stage products (Phase II)
  • Early-stage product (Phase I) along with the details of
  • Pre-clinical and Discovery stage candidates
  • Discontinued & Inactive candidates


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Scope of the Hepatocellular Carcinoma Pipeline Report

  • Coverage- Global
  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma Therapeutic Assessment
    • Assessment by Product Type
    • Assessment by Stage and Product Type
    • Assessment by Route of Administration
    • Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration
    • Assessment by Molecule Type
    • Assessment by Stage and Molecule Type
  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma Companies- Sinocelltech, AVEO Oncology, Oxford BioTherapeutics, Beijing SyngenTech, Surface Oncology, Novartis Oncology, Array BioPharma, Taizhou Hanzhong Pharmaceuticals,  Akeso Biopharma, Innovent Biologics, Eli Lilly and Company, Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Chugai Pharmaceutical, CStone Pharmaceuticals, Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine, Shenogen Pharma, and others
  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma Therapies- lenvatinib, pembrolizumab (200 mg), Tivozanib, Durvalumab, Sorafenib, Enzalutamide, AZD9150, GC33 (RO5137382), mapatumumab, and others


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Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Overview
  4. Pipeline Therapeutics
  5. Therapeutic Assessment
  6. Hepatocellular Carcinoma– DelveInsight’s Analytical Perspective
  7. Late Stage Products (Pre-Registration)
  8. Last Stage Products (Phase II/ III)
  9. SCT-I10A: Sinocelltech
  10. Mid Stage Products (Phase II)
  11. Preclinical and Discovery Stage Products
  12. Inactive Products
  13. Hepatocellular Carcinoma Key Companies
  14. Hepatocellular Carcinoma Key Products
  15. Hepatocellular Carcinoma – Unmet Needs
  16. Hepatocellular Carcinoma – Market Drivers and Barriers
  17. Hepatocellular Carcinoma – Future Perspectives and Conclusion
  18. Hepatocellular Carcinoma Analyst Views
  19. Hepatocellular Carcinoma Key Companies
  20. Appendix


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