How To Save Electricity In Electric Golf Car Of Cengo 1

With the improvement of living standard, more high-level people like playing golf sports, they can not only play sports with important people, but also conduct business negotiations during the game. The electric golf car of Cengo is an indispensable means of transportation on the golf course, so how to save electricity and make electric golf car go farther? 

Here are five tips:

1. Reduce the weight as much as possible: due to the more weight of electric golf car itself, the more power it consumes, so reduce the weight of whole vehicle under the premise of high quality.

How To Save Electricity In Electric Golf Car Of Cengo 2

3. Safe and energy-saving driving at average speed: for all electric golf car of Cengo, people can keep their driving habits, should maintain a stable driving speed when the road and traffic conditions permit. When the electric golf car starts, after accelerating to a certain speed, guys can release the accelerator to keep current speed.

How To Save Electricity In Electric Golf Car Of Cengo 3

4. Keep tires at a higher air pressure: with large number of experiments, when the tire is kept at a higher air pressure, the electric golf car of Cengo will reduce the bumpiness during driving, remove the inconvenience caused by objects such as stones, but also reduce the friction coefficient between the tire and road surface, then increasing the mileage.

5. Regular charging maintenance: for electric golf car of Cengo, in order to ensure the battery does not suffer from power loss and discharge problems, must regularly charge and maintain it to reduce battery damage caused by power loss.

The above five tips are the conclusions obtained by the engineers of Cengo based on testing and experience. 

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