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The esteemed IoT platform developer, Open Automation Software (OAS) has introduced its brand new v17 security hardening update to improve their existing functionalities and make it more flexible. This new development is in line with their clientele’s best interests. With this new v17 security hardening update, OAS promises “stronger, lighter, faster” usability.

Open Automation Software is a lauded industrial application platform that offers users the ability to create, configure, as well as manage industrial automation applications seamlessly and without burning a hole in their pockets. The software is designed to be employed in a diverse array of industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, and process control. This new update has further strengthened its existing interface by leaps and bounds. 

In version 17, Open Automation Software has successfully optimized its encryption methodology to make it more rapid, light, and in general buffed up. The development team at OAS comprises a dedicated and passionate bunch of IoT enthusiasts whose sole aim is to make the software suitable for seamless and convenient use. They believe security needs to be “built in, not bolted on” so mere edits and fixes are not good enough.

In v17, packet sizes are 3 to 9 times smaller, depending on the kind of data being transported, leading to heightened speeds. The encoding time for each packet is now nearly 2 to 8 times faster. Similarly, decoding times have become 10 minutes faster. With the help of additional encryption methods, a unique seed value is employed for individual client connections to encrypt user credentials, doing away with clear texts and replacing them with the username and removing the chance of sniffing user credentials. 

Live Data Cloud networking is 6 to 18 times faster than previous versions, which is nearly as fast as the updated basic networking. All in all, version 17 of OAS includes pre-configured security groups along with mandatory use of multiple security features. 

The team at Open Software Automation has spent a decent part of 2022 rewriting the entire encryption algorithm right from scratch. Each and every aspect of the automation software has undergone this thorough change and they have been meticulously tested multiple times to ensure they come out full-proof. According to the team at OAS, the results have far “exceeded” their expectations.

About Open Automation Software

Open Automation Software (OAS) provides comprehensive IIoT solutions that help an array of diverse global clientele. An exceptionally configured IoT solutions developer, OAS has been facilitating data movement needs of organizations and businesses for a robust 28 years. The IIoT firm is now a leading provider of OPC, HMI, SCADA, and similar IoT technology services. With this OAS platform, customers can create efficient IoT as well as industrial automation structures. The necessity of edge computing solutions and IoT has skyrocketed of late, and the services offered by OAS assist companies in making data-driven decisions at par with the improvements. 

For more details, please visit the official OAS website.

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