The Haunting Melody, When the 24th Chinese Program for Foreign Diplomats meets Sing & Learn Chinese 1
Recently, the 24th Chinese Program for Foreign Diplomats started online.

Recently, the 24th Chinese Program for Foreign Diplomats started online. The course lasted 13 weeks and 127 diplomats from 43 countries, including India, Cambodia, Romania, Poland, Belarus, and Kenya, carried out Chinese language learning through the platform ChinesePlus.

This year’s Chinese Program for Foreign Diplomats (CPFD) offers 9 classes covering elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. The elementary class uses the self-compiling textbook Chinese for Diplomats, with the attached MOOC course. Intermediate and advanced classes adopt HSK Standard Course. Participants learned and discussed practical topics in daily travel, social and work scenarios to improve their Chinese communication skills.

To enrich the learning experience of the participants, the 24th CPFD was integrated with the global theme event Sing & Learn Chinese for the first time, adopting a form of musical expression that the participants could easily accept and enjoy, in order to understand Chinese culture and promote their Chinese language learning.

Professor Li Tao from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music gave an online lecture to the participants, introducing the art of Chinese folk songs, sharing traditional and modern ethnic characteristics of music and songs from Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other regions, helping the participants to experience the charm of Chinese multi-ethnic culture and the beauty of music and art.

During the class, the beginners learned the song “Spring Morning” composed by Chinese famous composer Gu Jianfen on the basis of an ancient Chinese poem. The music is perfectly combined with the ancient poem, and the tune is cheerful and catchy. Participants of the intermediate and advanced classes learned to sing the melodious classic song “Persistence”. The participants followed the teacher with concentration and learned word by word. Despite the long lyrics, everyone was deeply immersed.

The participants said that learning Chinese in this way has not only made them feel the wonderful Chinese poems and songs and increased the fun of learning Chinese, but also inspired their desire to learn Chinese songs and to understand Chinese music and poetry culture.

Since 2010, the CPFD launched by CLEC have been held for 24 sessions, providing Chinese language and culture courses for more than 2,500 ambassadors, diplomats and their families from more than 150 embassies and international organizations in China, offering quality Chinese language teaching services for ambassadors, as it has become a brand activity of language and culture exchange.

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