The Spicy Exchange is a leading online news source for spicy foods and hot sauce. Annie Singer, who runs the publication, holds an M.S in marketing research. They have researched the state of the spicy food market in the U.S and compiled new insights in a new market report.

The Spicy Exchange released a new market research report covering the state of the spicy food market in 2022, showing steady growth across multiple product types as well as growing consumer interest online.

Notably, the hot sauce market is witnessing the highest-ever level of online consumer searches in 2022. Consumer interest is projected to grow 15% YoY and, by 2026, the hot sauce consumer market will be worth almost $5 billion. 

Key Industry Findings:

  • Online consumer searches for hot sauce is projected to reach their highest-ever level in 2022, with 15% YoY growth 

  • The hot sauce market is expected to grow 78% by 2026, from $2.75 billion to $4.91 billion 

  • Despite growing interest in spicy foods, jalapeños still only account for 5.4% of all peppers sold in the U.S.

The upswing in America’s interest in spicy food shows no sign of slowing. Market research experts observe that globalization over the last few decades has more Americans open-minded to hot and spicy dishes. They theorize that viral social media has contributed immensely to the growth of spicy food in America. COVID, too, has played a role in broadening the American palate as people experimented with ingredients they were previously unfamiliar with during lockdowns. Now, even as travel restrictions are easing off, growth for spicy food products is as strong as ever.

Annie Singer of Spicy Exchange said, “The spicy foods market is showing strong numbers coming into the end of 2022. We expect a strong holiday season for spicy food products like hot sauces, hot sauce-making kits, and novelty foods like the One Chip Challenge.”

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About the Company: 

The Spicy Exchange is run by Annie Singer, an avid spicy food lover. Annie uses their combined experience in agriculture and research, acting as a consultant to agricultural firms and consumer businesses. The website carries research-backed information on common spicy food topics of interest.

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