Hanan Bilal Has Been Ranked Among The Best Makeup Artists In The Arab World 1


We are pleased to announce that Hanan Bilal has been ranked among the best Makeup Artists in the Arab world. Hanan Bilal is distinguished by her work that relies on creativity first, and Secondly for the passion for creating.


The creative Hanan Bilal did not enter the field of cosmetics alone. Rather, she entered with great goals and ambitions to be the best in the field of cosmetics, whether at the level of Kuwait, the Arab world, or even the entire world.


Such a path that Hanan aspires to build does not come easily. Rather, it requires her to work beyond her capacity, continuous training, and keep abreast of the latest developments in beauty and fashion.

Hanan Bilal Has Been Ranked Among The Best Makeup Artists In The Arab World 2


In addition to practicing the profession and studying cosmetics theoretically from all its angles, including other related topics such as hair, skin, etc., the most important thing that distinguishes the creative Hanan Bilal is that she not only learned the skills that every makeup must learn, but that she became professional and dealt with them in perfect shape. An example of this is extensive knowledge about beauty products, their types, their evaluation, and how to best use them. Extensive medical knowledge about the different types of skin and how to treat it.

Hanan Bilal Has Been Ranked Among The Best Makeup Artists In The Arab World 3

In addition, her careful and elaborate use of cosmetic products, her creativity, and her passion for work allowed her to work with great accuracy and almost zero errors. In addition to that, the ability to deal flexibly with customers and to constantly create everything new, non-stereotypical and traditional. 

The young talent, Hanan Bilal, obtained a makeup artist certificate approved by the Kuwait Craft Society, to start the most important stage in her career, as she established her own cosmetic center in her home country, Kuwait. And her balance of certificates was rich with a diploma in hair care.

 All these features made Mrs. Hanan Bilal the focus of attention of many actresses, media professionals, and others for performing beauty sessions. She worked as a makeup artist for the famous Kuwaiti media, Halima Boland. And Doctor Kholoud, who specializes in publishing beauty videos on YouTube. In addition to Reem Arhama and the famous actress Hind Al Balushi.

As for Hanan Bilal’s work, it is mainly in her beauty center. She also posts makeup videos on her social media.

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