Indian Visa from South Africa, Korea, Sweden and Spain Citizens 1

Indian Visa from South Africa, Korea, Sweden and Spain Citizens 2

Indian Visa from South Africa  

India is a country with a rich ancient history and deep cultural roots. Visiting India is unlike any other place you can visit in the world. Indian customs and traditions are revered by most travelers who have visited the country and India’s wide range of geographical locations has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Like South Africa, India is located on the South Asian continent. To visit India, South African travelers have the option of applying for an Indian e-Visa. The Government of India has introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization System to encourage travelers from all over the world to visit the country. The type of e-Visa you need depends on the purpose of your visit.


  • Tourist eVisa.
  • Business eVisa.
  • Medical eVisa.


  • All travelers must have a passport that will be valid for at least 6 months from the date of their arrival in India.
  • A valid payment method such as your debit/credit card.
  • A digital photo of yourself (it must be taken recently, you cannot make any gestures, and it must have a white background).
  • Your valid email address so that you can receive your eVisa.

Indian Visa from Korea 

India is considered to be one of the best countries for those seeking ancient knowledge and mystical experiences. India is one of the largest and most fascinating countries in the world. Korean residents who are traveling to India for tourism purposes and intend to stay no longer than 60 days can apply for a Tourist eVisa online. Indian Visa for Korean Citizens is available online application form from Government of India since 2014 with purpose of visit. Indian Tourist Visa applications for Korean citizens must be submitted at least four days prior to the departure date.


  • A current passport, valid for at least six months.
  • A valid Email address to receive the eVisa in your Inbox.
  • You can use a Credit/Debit Card or PayPal Account to pay for the eVisa fees.
  • You must show proof of sufficient funds for the intended length of stay, as well as the journey home or onward to other destinations.

Indian Visa from Spain 

India’s natural beauty and deep-rooted spirituality have made it a popular destination for holidaymakers from around the world. Thousands of centuries of Hindu literature, theology, mythology and philosophy laid the foundation for this diverse culture. Visa requirements for Spanish citizens of India are similar to most countries. A Spanish citizen must have a valid visa prior to landing in India. Travelers need a valid visa and passport to prove their identity. The India Tourist eVisa is available to Spanish citizens and allows eligible travelers to enter India as many times as they wish within the 1-year validity period. However, the Embassy of India has stated that the Indian Tourist Visa is accepted for Spanish citizens with a validity of 90 days until arrival. These stays may not exceed 90 days each.

What Documents Do Spanish Citizens Need to get an Indian Visa?

  • A valid Spain passport with a validity of at least 6 months.
  • Complete scanned pages of your passport that contain personal information.
  • You can use a Debit or credit card for the visa fee payment.
  • An email address that is checked regularly so that you can receive the eVisa.
  • Documents with all your travel plans within India. The departure date from Indian territory should also be mentioned

Indian Visa from Sweden

The Indian Visa for Swedish Citizens has been available in the form of an electronic application since 2014. eVisa for India is an official document that allows residents and citizens of Sweden to enter and travel to India for tourism, travel industry etc. This procedure is officially endorsed by the Government of India under the eVisa India program. This is an online paperless Indian visa application process for residents of Sweden.

Which Visa Types Are There For Sweden Travelers?

  • Tourist e-Visa.
  • Business e-Visa.
  • Medical e-Visa.

What Documents do Sweden Need to Get an Indian eVisa?

  • Valid passport – you will have no issues with obtaining a passport, and if you already have one, take a look at its expiry date.
  • Digital photo of yourself – it is preferable that the photo is as recent as possible. You should not make face gestures in it, and the background should be white. Just scan it and upload it when you are told to.
  • A complete passport scan of the information page
  • A valid email address to receive the eVisa in your Inbox.
  • Means of payment – You can use a credit or a debit card, and since PayPal has become quite standard these days, you can use that as well.


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