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(by Luke Belmar)

Qera and Client Acquisition CEO and founder Zach Schubert has an exciting announcement this week: the publication of his second book The Art of Client Acquisition. For Schubert, this work is a culmination of years of his work as an eCommerce marketing entrepreneur put into a strategy that can help 5 and 6-figure businesses hit their seventh. 

When asked about his motivation for his book, Schubert shares that there was a point in his career where he had deviated from his original purpose of helping businesses succeed and became focused too much on the numbers.

“I was literally spending twelve hours a day in front of my computer seeing my client numbers dropping and wondering what went wrong, ” he explains. “I hit rock bottom, I guess you could say, and decided to just get back to my roots– client-centric marketing services that not only help customers find success but help them care about their customer base. And, you know what? It worked.”

More impressive is that the strategy born from this experience works, and according to Schubert, it takes less time to see results. “Imagine not having to wait months but just 30 days or so to take your high-ticket business to seven figures after being stuck at five or six? This is game-changing for many eCommerce companies that have already had some level of success but can’t seem to break through.”

In his book, Schubert explains his journey and then dives right into his process of creating an automated sales funnel that generates six figures in high ticket sales in 30 days from zero. It’s a well-thought-out step-by-step journey that uses a casual tone and breaks down complicated processes into easily digested explanations. Designed for entrepreneurs that are either receiving unqualified leads, not enough leads, or leads that qualify but aren’t interested, this book takes a five-phase approach to client acquisition. 

Readers will enjoy insightful explanations and easily understood steps to achieve maximal acquisition rates. He also includes several guest authors to ensure one gets a well-rounded overview of how the process works. 

Contributing authors include:

–  Alex Heiden, founder and CEO of Closify
–  Famous YouTube gaming star and TikTok guru Anthony Eclipse
–  Umar Shaikh, founder of Nest Marketing
–  Reinis Krumins, co-founder of agencyJR and host of the Ecom Insider podcast

The Art of Client Acquisition dropped on September 13th and can now be purchased on Amazon or through his website here.

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