Aquatic weed control is a major challenge for lake managers and lake dwellers, especially in the warmer months when weed growth pulses are at their highest. Most aquatic weeds (like milfoil, water hyacinth, and duckweed) are rooted in the bottom sediment. They only emerge to the water surface when they receive adequate sunlight, nutrients, and oxygen. Luckily, there is a solution to this menace, says Hal Newell, founder of Admiral Lake and Pond Restoration.

Aquatic weeds are not just a nuisance. They can also cause severe damage to your pond or lake as well as disrupt the natural ecosystem. Aquatic Weeds are plants that have adapted to survive in water. They have a high tolerance for water conditions and can grow so fast that no current treatment can keep them under control for a long time period. The most efficient and cost-effective way to treat weeds is by preventing them from growing in the first place.

“Aquatic weeds can cause many problems in water bodies ranging from environmental impact to public health issues. Aquatic plants also reduce the recreational and commercial value of water properties and resources”, explained Hal. “Some aquatic weeds can be removed manually using rakes or by hand. However, many aquatic weeds have root systems that are too deep for manual removal and require an aquatic weed control program to keep them under control. Enter aeration systems.”

Aeration is a technique used in water gardening and hydroponics to improve the water quality in your pond by introducing oxygen. It is crucial to keeping your fish healthy, as it helps reduce the build-up of ammonia and nitrites in the water. The process also plays a vital role in preventing the growth of algae and aquatic weeds, which can make your water body unsightly and also harm your fish.

“In addition to suppressing the growth of aquatic weeds, aeration systems help remove sludge and solids from the pond water. The result is reduced odor from your water bodies,” says Hal.

Hal recommends looking into lake and pond equipment that are available to enhance aeration in water bodies. There are several such pieces of equipment, including aqua blowers, subsurface aerators, and even de-icers. Possibly the most popular aerator of the bunch is the pond fountain, which adds oxygen to your water and serves as a beautiful aquatic display. “This can be beneficial to fish, plants, and other aquatic animals. The more oxygen in the water, the higher the PH levels will be, which is always good for your pond. More oxygen in your water also means fewer algae blooms and dirty-looking ponds.”

“Pond aeration systems are a great way to eliminate aquatic weeds from your pond. Consequently, you will enjoy improved water quality, reduced fish mortality, and better water clarity and color. So, if your pond needs some attention, invest in aeration systems to restore its glory.”

Admiral Lake and Pond Restoration designs and hand-crafts products that help restore the state of ponds, lakes, or beaches. Whether you want to clean, beautify or aerate your water body, they likely have the appropriate equipment for the job.

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