CELOSPHERE 2022 – Celonis, the global leader in execution management, and Emporix, the leader in composable business commerce, unveiled the Emporix Commerce Execution Platform (CXP). This breakthrough new offer will enable businesses to automatically optimize all facets of commerce orchestration on a minute-by-minute basis without having to touch the underlying ERP or supply chain systems.

One of the greatest unsolved problems in B2B commerce is the lack of flexibility to adjust to the real-time changes in customer demand, inventory, and supplier and fulfillment status. Legacy commerce approaches established static portals and models that forced the sellers and buyers into a predetermined set of gates, decisions and approvals – with no context to ever-changing business objectives and economic factors. This created an ineffective “hope for the best” scenario for buyers and sellers – and ultimately orphaned the business commerce domain to operate on pre-internet era technology and methodologies.

The pandemic exposed the world to the mismatch between legacy commerce systems and the reality of modern customer and supplier requirements. Manufacturing has become stop-and-go and everything from couches to cars to medical supplies are delayed by months – sometimes even years due to commerce process problems. This, compounded with heightened demand, factory closures, rising costs, trade restrictions and reliance on “just-in-time” systems, continues to amplify the need for a modern enterprise commerce system.

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Celonis Labs and Emporix took an inside-out perspective when determining how to best solve this problem. Instead of creating a rigid assumption about how all business to business transactions should operate, the new platform is built to adjust to the daily variances and changes of buyers and sellers. Emporix CXP adjusts constantly, with no assumption that tomorrow’s process will be the same as today.

Today, no B2B commerce system on the market combines process context with the ability to dynamically adjust the UI end customers engage with. Existing B2B commerce systems are not built to identify, on-the-fly, hidden inefficiencies like outdated prices or unavailable stock, or to analyze customers’ behavior patterns at the process level. This results in suboptimal customer experience, lost revenue, and increased costs.

With the Emporix Commerce Execution Platform, Celonis provides the process transparency and context that triggers and informs how Emporix orchestrates B2B commerce interactions. This means that companies can monitor and adjust their end customers’ interactions on their commerce platform in real-time, using process intelligence signals. Companies can do this by modeling, activating, and running “execution scenarios” about how customers might behave depending on changing factors (such as adjustment of price, promotion, product, etc.) within Emporix CXP.

Emporix CXP tackles common supply chain problems, such as product substitutions and switching at their roots. By leveraging real-time data from the supply chain in Celonis, Emporix CXP can offer intelligent substitutions. For instance, if the platform determines that a product is likely to be late, it recommends better-performing products based on real-time data on date changes, cancellation rates, on-time rates, days of coverage, and more. The system continually interacts with the business customer while he or she is making the purchase.

As a result, orders are delivered on time, at no extra cost, to customers. This improves the on-time delivery rate and leads to higher overall customer satisfaction as well as increased revenues. CXP continues to create new insights from the actual changed experience and constantly adjusts to dynamic realities. By leveraging Emporix CXP and its Intelligent Substitution capabilities, sellers can meet customer demand and reduce order cancellations, thereby increasing revenue.

The new partner platform will ship with a set of intelligent commerce modules for payment assistance, stock optimization, order adjustments, and sales guidance. Customers will also be granted the freedom to define and model their own commerce models to match what their business needs today, tomorrow, and for every single buying and selling priority in the future.

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AmerCareRoyal Modernizes Customer Return Processes

AmerCareRoyal, a leading importing manufacturer of thousands of disposable products used in the Food Service, Janitorial/Sanitation and Hospitality industries, understood the tediousness of manually entering customer mail returns into its systems. Without its staff proactively providing status updates to the customer, there would be no automatic, simplified visibility into the return process.

Emporix CXP helped AmerCareRoyal remove the manual and time-consuming activities by creating an end-to-end approach to the return process, from the first creation step until the actual physical receipt. Insights from the Celonis EMS were leveraged to enrich and orchestrate the process with context driven and case-specific intelligence (such as return rate of the customer, number of open returns, and return value vs. the overall ordering value). New insights were created from feedback by the executions themselves to increase the underlying intelligence and to continuously improve the process execution. For AmerCareRoyal, this resulted in increased customer satisfaction, as customers had full transparency and direct involvement in the process and also improved automation rate and working capital.

“From the beginning, I was very excited about Emporix CXP because I immediately recognized how it would allow us to differentiate ourselves in the market and significantly improve customer satisfaction,” said Jeff DeSandre, Chief Information Officer at AmerCareRoyal. “Since working with it, alongside Celonis Labs, my team no longer needs to spend time on point-to-point interfaces between our B2B layer and our backend systems. With our data already in Celonis, we now focus our energy on driving value for customers, personalizing solutions for them. With Emporix CXP, we get to benefit from a custom tool that offers a vast array of microservices, without having to build it from the ground up.”

Emporix Powers Modern Business Commerce

Emporix has transformed the way modern businesses execute their B2B and B2C commerce initiatives with a state-of-the-art composable commerce architecture. By reimagining a new and different approach to commerce, Emporix provides customers with a commerce platform that adapts to the ever-changing nature of business commerce. Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and brands can innovate their business models and stand out from the competition by modernizing their commerce platform with Emporix.

“Commerce leaders seeking to deliver mass personalization at scale and respond to dynamic signals from process intelligence can now orchestrate the customer journey.  These advancements can be used by any organization that has built a composable process,” said R “Ray” Wang, CEO of Constellation Research. “That’s a dynamic, valuable feedback loop.”

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Celonis Powers Modern Business Execution

Celonis has spent more than a decade perfecting the science, methodologies, and technologies that identify and fix process inefficiencies hidden inside of ERP, SCM, and CRM systems. Powered by its leading process mining technology, the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) operates at a level above the underlying systems. The Celonis EMS uses real-time data from enterprise systems, desktops, devices, and third-party sources to “X-ray” processes. Celonis then applies intelligence to this data to identify the root cause of process problems, calculate the business impact, and confirm the fastest path to resolution. Then the Celonis EMS triggers real time automated actions to fix inefficiencies and optimize process performance. This provides companies a new and modern approach to running their businesses on intelligent processes.

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