Dr. Zamore’s Newest Book Becomes An Instant Best Seller 1

On October 20, 2022, internationally recognized, Dr. Kerry-Ann Zamore, released her latest book “Unloading Divorce Baggage: Shedding the Weight to Grow and Go” through Amazon and the book immediately became a Best Seller!

Have you ever been packing your luggage and found something buried deep in the pockets of your bags from a previous trip? This is what this book is about. It is about digging deep in those places in our heart, in our mind to find and discard baggage from divorce and past relationships. Holding on to heavy weight, prevents growth. This book will examine those spaces and give practical examples, of how to unpack baggage of divorce, and past hurts.

“Unloading Divorce Baggage: Shedding the Weight to Grow and Go” is a book for anyone who has been in a relationship. This book is about identifying pitfalls in your relationship, tracing how you got there, and most importantly, unloading the baggage, and releasing it, to move on after the death of divorce. I have done extensive research in the process and preparation of writing this book. As an educator and clinician, I have spoken to over two hundred couples, from dating partners to couples married over fifty years and too many singles to count, about their relationship. I, too, have my own failed marriages as exemplars of what not to do and the transparency of where I fell short, which aided in the death of my marriages. Yes, I will tell you where I messed up and how I got back up again.

This is a very short read. But it is a power-packed read. We will take this journey of discovery together. I have been there; the uncertainty, the shame, and embarrassment, the loneliness, and the feeling alone. I have walked this walk twice, and I am living proof there is hope and joy on the other side, but it takes work, and it is a process. Let me help you on this journey of rediscovery. It is a journey of being better, not bitter when unloading divorce baggage. Are you ready? Let’s journey together.

Reader Nicole W. left a five-star review and declared the book “A concise, engaging, transparent must read!” and went on to say “This book is a well written in-depth view of marriage, relationship and restoration. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and believe that it can and will definitely speak to the hearts, minds and souls of those seeking to find comfort, care, confidence, and a genuine peace regarding divorce, dating, and relationships.” 

Get your copy today!  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BJ1BS54C

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