KWIK’s Series Of Value-Enhancing Announcements Expose A Valuation Disconnect Too Good To Ignore…Here’s Proof ($KWIK) 1
KWIK's Series Of Value-Enhancing Announcements Expose A Valuation Disconnect Too Good To Ignore...Here's Proof ($KWIK)

Many companies publish frequent press releases, but substance over number is a valuable distinction. KwikClick, Inc. (OTCQB: KWIK) is doing the former. Over the past month, KWIK announced earning several critical patents, an uplist to the OTCQB market, and published a shareholder update detailing the progress made in becoming a “game changer” and industry leader in the trillion-dollar E-commerce space. Altogether, the updates show that KWIK’s ambition may soon be replaced with sector dominance. 

Yes, that’s a bold assumption. However, KWIK is doing things that no other company can, and patent protections may make it so no other company ever will. Once investors understand that likelihood, the path of least resistance for thinly-traded KWIK may be to the appreciable upside. Considering that its milestones reached are set to become catalysts for growth, that could happen faster than many expect – and not solely because bullish traders can send stock prices higher.

The more compelling reason investors should be taking notice of this emerging E-commerce player is that its technology and innovative platform are attracting interest from the world’s most prominent companies, affiliates, and influencers. As a result, expect KWIK to get bigger faster. Hence, taking advantage of KWIK prices at pre-IPO levels may be more than a wise consideration; it’s a timely one. 

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KWIK Won’t Stay Under-The-Radar Much Longer

That argument is supported by KWIK being better positioned than at any time in its history to ramp revenues higher. Moreover, several “read between the line” updates suggest that potentially transformative deals may be in the queue to make that happen by the end of 2022. Don’t doubt that presumption, and here’s why. 

KWIK’s platform is changing the E-commerce landscape regarding affiliates, influencers, and brand marketing. It can do in minutes what has traditionally taken brands months and even years to do- create an army of affiliates and influencers interested in selling its products. But that’s not even the best part of the value proposition from a brand’s perspective. What is, is that KWIK does more than help create armies of salespeople; it will save companies potentially millions of dollars and provide them with a data set unrivaled in the sector. 

In fact, brands can get more data-driven insights from KWIK’s platform in a day compared to what a team of in-house managers may be able to deliver in a week to help their company make better marketing decisions. In other words, companies no longer need to pay millions per month to influencers and affiliates without any accurate way to gauge their impact on sales. Instead, they can benefit from a comprehensive KWIK platform that provides valuable real-time data and, even better, is free to use! 

That means millions of dollars, in some cases, can instead fall directly toward companies’ bottom lines. But that’s still only part of the value proposition. The even more significant value to brands is that data generated by KWIK can facilitate and expedite companies making the right marketing decisions at the right time. For brands and companies like Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), Nike (NYSE: NKE), and Walmart (NYSE: WMT), that differentiator allowing them to react swiftly to changing markets is an invaluable addition. Factoring in that they also benefit from a potentially enormous number of influencers at a fraction of the cost of what they may be currently paying out, adopting KWIK’s platform is a “no-brainer.”

That value is inherent to the brand side of the KWIK equation, and it’s equally compelling from an affiliate and influencer perspective. Why? Because KWIK offers them something no other known company can – indefinite earnings potential from a single text, influence, or pin drop. Virtually anyone that can text can now be an influencer. 

KWIK Has Changed The Influencer Landscape 

That’s an intentional result. After years of development and embedding the most innovative features in the sector, KWIK created a platform that’s as inclusive as possible. But it’s not only about inviting more people to make money; it’s also easy to use, enabling brands, users, and influencers to sign up for its benefits in just a few clicks. Once in, all parties win. Brands can get massive commission-based marketing exposure, and influencers make money. Potentially a lot of it.

This is because KWIK isn’t perpetuating the “old way” to make money. The KWIK platform is appreciably different by providing users indefinite earnings potential through its Wave of Earnings program. The platform also does all the record-keeping, collects payments, and maintains the “Wave” sales connections that can surge into the hundreds or thousands of layers. No other known influencer or affiliate program offers the same value, and, as noted, patent protections may keep it that way.

Parts of those cover KWIK’s Central Commission Engine (CCE), the technology that makes the KWIK platform different. And it’s more than a means allowing anyone that can send a text to earn commissions; it’s also a powerful and incentivizing tool for content creators. Best of all, it’s not only for prominent creators. It’s an ideal facilitator for smaller influencers that want to get big by allowing an influencer, even one with a single follower, to leverage the power of KWIK through a single text or pin-drop to ultimately generate income in the thousands through the Wave of Earnings program. That advantage can change a side-hustle influencer to a mega-brand ambassador.

A Single Text To Brand Ambassador KWIKly

It’s a win-win proposition. Brands appreciate KWIK’s distribution channel because it offers a “no risk” proposition since they only make a payout if a sale occurs. They also benefit from knowing where that sale originated and the value that the influencer brings from their endorsement. And remember, everyone involved appreciates that commissions are not expected to be one-off incidents. Money is accrued after the initial pin-drop from friends of friends and the friends of their friends. Each new text is, therefore, a potential new brand ambassador. Companies, especially with no upfront cost, will embrace that feature. 

With all the benefits, the KWIK platform must be difficult to use, right? Wrong. It’s in a word: effortless. KWIK has made sharing a referral as easy as dropping a pin location. It’s a different approach than the ordinary. Rather than manually sharing stores and directions, a user drops the product’s site location to someone. Once that happens, the connection becomes an earnings driver. 

Moreover, that KWIK referral made unobtrusively makes the process much less complicated, and users do not even need to learn “how” it is done. They only need to know and appreciate that KWIK’s platform records all purchases within a campaign and keeps track of individual commissions, including all the waves that can reach the thousands within a simple app.

Brands Will Want The Platform KWIKly

It’s just as easy for brands. They benefit from KWIK’s platform for several reasons. Foremost, it changes the dynamic about the minimal amount of information they get for the money they spend on social media advertisements and influencers. Part of that loss is inherent to brands that often need to work with a fee-based broker to establish influencer relationships that then promote the brand’s service for a specified period to earn a specified amount of commissions. But here’s the problem with that model: often, the information the hiring brand receives regarding ROI, customer feedback, campaign success, and public opinion from the promotion is limited at best.

With KWIK, it’s entirely different. Brands know precisely how much sales were generated from the campaign, the validated ratings they received, the number of engagements and comments, and who was most effective. This data can be invaluable when developing marketing campaigns. Best of all, unlike the ridiculous price tags requested by brokers and mega-influencers, that data provided by KWIK is priced at an irresistible…. FREE.

Better than free, KWIK’s platform is excessively comprehensive. Moreover, it’s seamless, meaning that brands don’t need to abandon existing marketing strategies. Instead, KWIK acts as a second distribution channel at no cost unless a sale occurs, which triggers a commission from them. In addition, they get exposure from the customers of other companies using the KWIK platform, enhancing sales opportunities by offering commissions to anyone wishing to promote its brand. KWIK’s users and brands are not the only ones looking for revenue-earning collaborations, as KWIK could be eyeing some potential deals of its own.

Brand Partnerships The KWIK Way

Totaling the sum of its parts, KWIK looks ideally positioned to pursue and welcome new opportunities for joint ventures, partnerships, and acquisitions to build its user base from existing social media platforms and E-commerce services. And with KWIK as a partner, current customers of other platforms can become brand ambassadors overnight – a proposition sure to attract new users, with KWIK’s Waves of Earnings program influencing that decision. 

As it should. It’s a simple, one-click process where each purchase and every repurchase rewards not only the second, third, fourth, and so on influenced sale but also the originator of the link. More simply stated, the original influencer will get paid for every sale their style and taste influences, including the “waves” of indirect sales from their inspiring recommendations being shared with others. Those waves have no limit except for the commission cap from brands. So, friends of friends of friends can ultimately generate substantial income from that single original text. 

By the way, because reviews are verified, the original and subsequent texts carry legitimate weight compared to others. That matters, considering that many, or even most, product and/or service reviews on many social media sites are bought and placed. More directly, a five-star rating on sites like Yelp (NYSE: YELP) may result from “star” purchases rather than verified reviews, and that’s not the case at KWIK.

Its reviews are verified by ensuring the influence is made only after a legitimate sale. That integrity is made possible by KWIK’s heavily fortified IP-protected back-end technology that assures KWIK can do more than connect influencers to followers. Its embedded features make it the most trusted way to recommend products to friends, family, and followers. It’s a difference that’s an advantage, noting that verified reviews often lead to higher sales. 

Seizing Upon A KWIK Valuation Disconnect

The bottom line about KWIK technology is an easy one to understand. It’s an industry-changing platform that appeals to every participant. But from an investor’s perspective, it’s equally attractive, and the sum of KWIK’s parts makes it worth adding to one’s investment cart. Frankly, current prices are what seed investors may have paid, presenting a genuine ground-floor investment opportunity in a company changing how the commissions and marketing side of the multi-billion dollar E-commerce sector operates. But like all great deals, this one also may not last long.

KWIK continues to make news, is strengthening its platform, and could be on the verge of signing some major industry players as clients. Knowing that brands get significant value free of charge, expecting them to join the KWIK revolution is a safe bet. After all, getting hundreds or thousands of people to sell their products without having to issue a single W-2 statement may be an opportunity too good to ignore. And with indefinite earnings potential for affiliates and influencers, they may also rush the web to sign up. 

Clearly, there are plenty of incentives and reasons for users from both sides of the transaction loop to get involved. And it’s likely that many will. Still, as is often the case, early adopters often benefit the most, so whether from a brand, influencer, or investor, taking advantage of this opportunity should be done KWIKly.


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