Marq Launches Advanced Analytics to Help Brands Take Their Content to the Next Level 1

Marq Advanced Analytics Helps Customers Manage Branded Templates with Confidence, Making It Easier to Audit Content and Build More of What Drives Growth.

Today, brand-templating platform Marq announced the release of Marq Advanced Analytics, in-platform insights to give brands the visibility they need to make better design decisions and equip teams with templates they will actually use.

“At Marq, we know that content is a primary growth driver for our customers, making content visibility and optimization critically important,” said Owen Fuller, CEO of Marq. “That’s why we built Marq Analytics – to give leaders actionable insights and build highly effective templates that meet the needs of their teams and customers.”

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Marq Advanced Analytics optimizes the content development process by allowing brands to pinpoint their most used templates across their organizations so they can build more of what’s useful; identify content that’s going stale and needs a refresh; slice and dice data by team, region, and more to identify Marq super users; and send usage and template reports to leaders across the organization with a single click. Marq is offering these insights with two levels of analytics:

  • Marq Analytics includes foundational insights for implementation. These fundamental insights will be helpful when rolling out Marq to an entire organization. Marq Analytics looks at high-level template engagement, total projects created, downloaded, published, and shared. This level of analytics will give insights into the foundational state of a company’s templates and is for organizations with a template library of -10.
  • Marq Advanced Analytics is for organizations with a more robust template library (+10). Companies will benefit from deeper template insights, understand what teams are using, quickly see the most popular and unused templates, and gain access to look at outstanding project approvals. Marq Advanced Analytics measures content output and gives the complete picture of the most effective templates for which teams.

Advanced Analytics is one more way Marq is helping its customers make their brand accessible and usable across an organization – encompassing everything from brand standards built for non-designers to brand asset accessibility to branded templates, so teams can build their own on-brand content with confidence.

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