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Highlandtown Dental Group has said regular dental checkups are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums as well as discovering the first signs of underlying health conditions.

A leading dental care provider that provides the best dental services in Baltimore has launched an important campaign to make people aware of the importance of regular dental checkups. Highlandtown Dental Group, which provides dental services including cosmetic dentistry, Dental Implants, Root Canals, and Dentures, has said regular dental checkups can help maintain healthy teeth and gums as well as detect the first signs of underlying health conditions.

A Doctor from Highlandtown Dental Group who is a dental expert and a member of the American Dental Association and American Association of Endodontists, explains the four warning signs that could signal a person is suffering from kidney disease.

“If you suffer from mouth sores, for instance, then it could be a sign that you are suffering from kidney disease. Other signs can include Xerostomia, Aggressive tooth decay, and Tooth loss.”

The Dcotor went on to say that if they spot these signs then they will recommend the patient goes and visits a medical professional. The Doctor could then run tests which could include blood and urine testing, and sometimes a biopsy.

Another dental expert from the Baltimore dental practice went on to explain other signs of poor health that a dental expert could pick up.  Anna Grinitsyna explained that pale gums could be a sign of anemia, which is a common sign of iron deficiency.

“Some color variations exist between individuals, but dental experts are most concerned about is swollen, ulcerative, or painful gums”, Anna Grinitsyna explained

Anna Grinitsyna said that if a patient visits their dental practice and there are signs of pale gums then the patient would be advised to visit a physician who would then be able to provide medical advice.

A spokesman for Highlandtown Dental Group said that when people visit a dentist for a checkup, they are not aware of how important that visit is. Those that ignore regular dental checkups are not only putting the health of their teeth at risk but are also risking underlying health conditions being discovered.

When a dentist checks patient teeth, they are looking at all areas of the mouth and oral health, and if they discover a change in bone density, then this could be a sign of osteoporosis.

There are other underlying health conditions that a dental expert could discover, which include oral cancer, and Diabetes.

Highlandtown Dental Group which provides a complete and professional dental health service is advising people living and working in Baltimore to have regular dental checkups and not to miss appointments.

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