The Authentium Recently Got Backed by Algorand Foundation 1
The Authentium Recently Got Backed by Algorand Foundation

Authentium is the world’s first decentralised primary producer commodity (DEX). Authentium provides a proof of story for all actors in the food supply chain, an immutable story of the life of produce from farmgate to plate. Since the end of 2017, Authentium has been a trailblazing open-source community to design and construct the goal of designing and constructing a DAO-I-inspired Decentralized environment. Global food supply chains are freed from the control of solid centralized authority thanks to autonomous supply chain organisations (DASCos).

Liberating primary producers from these centralized, exploitative supply networks is the goal of Authentium. They believe it is time for them to construct an ecosystem that encourages the transformation of existing food supply chains in order to usher in a new era of reliable peer-to-peer networks.

They are an open, global community of like-minded people who sincerely care about the emergence of a new global order in which all primary producers are compensated justly, equally, and fairly for their labor. By enabling real decentralization of the $6 trillion food business, we see a future in which powerful authority over primary growers is lost by huge, exploitative supply chain companies. With the development of the first DAO-like DASCOs on the Algorand blockchain, Authentium, in collaboration with Algorand and the Algorand Foundation, will revolutionize supply chains. A variety of open source technology stacks for the ecosystem have been developed by Authentium with support from the Algorand Foundation, and they are still being improved.

An Authentium future is one that values compassion, fairness, openness, and transparency that, in the end, returns market inequalities and power to those who laboured in agriculture and primary production and who provided food for the world. Their only goal is to increase their revenue so they can properly regenerate their soils and eventually implement really sustainable farming practices on a worldwide scale. “We believe supply chains are broken. Buyers simply don’t trust them. They are highly inefficient, lack transparency and provenance traceability and are controlled by powerful centralized intermediaries. Their time is up. Struggling primary producers and farmers are controlled by these supply chain cartels who take their profits and withhold valuable provenance data and have no interest in sharing this data with the world. We want to change this for good.” Authentium says.

About “Authentium”

Authentium is a pioneering open-source community with a shared vision to design and build an ecosystem of DAO-like Decentralized Autonomous Supply Chain Organizations (DASCOs) that remove powerful centralized authorities from global food supply chains.

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Country: Australia

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