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As the popularity of his new rice based leather has been growing, there has been a focus on Asif Ali Gohar and not only how he made his way to success but what he thinks will help to ensure success for others as well. With a business that began as a school project, he was able to create an innovative and environmentally friendly product that is accessible for everyone. From his few interviews and through reading articles and background, there has been several hints at what he feels will make a successful businessman.

It is key to be willing to take risks. Without risk there is no change, and innovation, progress, and success hinge on the ability to change and to adapt. New approaches must be taken to find a way to separate your business and your activities from the rest, in order to gain a customer share in markets that are already in place.

Innovation is a key component that moves industry forward. Those who are able to think differently from other people are able to create new processes that are faster and safer than old methods, and that can help to provide the changing marketplace with items that are needed. The world is looking for ways to protect the environment and innovation is the way to do that. This has created an open space for new items, for eco-friendly systems and procedures, and for new sources of energy and raw material.

Confidence and trust in yourself is another factor that makes someone successful in business. Doubt and second thoughts can limit the developments and lead to fewer chances being taken. This will hold back the progress that is made in any industry and keeps the traditional methods the ones being used, even when they are harmful, slow, or expensive. Confidence to try new things and to trust that they will work out, coupled with patience to keep trying when the first attempt doesn’t work as intended, are needed to find new ways to do things.

Only through creating new ways of making products and new sources for materials can people maintain the standard of living that has become comfortable while also preventing irreversible damage to the environment. If a process is not sustainable it will not be able to continue, so only those who are focused on change and progress can bring the products and the methods that are needed for success. There can be no limit to the willingness to create new things and find new ways to do things.

When reading his words or listening to his interviews, one can see how much he feels a supportive environment allows the opportunity for success where limited views and restrictions prevent them. Family, community, and education must all be in place to provide the necessary aspects to create success and preparation to challenge the current ways of doing things. Trying something new and knowing that there will be no repercussions for that can make changes in the world.

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