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With a new study finding that 48% of marketers view webinars as a powerful tool to attract new prospects, Kaltura focuses new offering on participant experience and engagement across live webinars and webinar recordings.

Kaltura, the Video Experience Cloud, announced the launch of a new version of Kaltura Webinars, offering a unique new experience for webinars, that are easy to create and manage, as well as designed to drive greater engagement. For webinar program managers, Kaltura Webinars now automatically creates branded landing pages and minisites from registration to recording. For attendees, Kaltura Webinars now provides additional ways to engage with speakers and other attendees, with simplified registration, login, and access to the recording.

The New Capabilities of Kaltura Webinars include:

  • Automatically Generated Landing Page – Users can add logos, images, headshots, and details that are automatically generated into a beautiful landing page for registration, that utilizes the company branding throughout.
  • Easy to Operate Webinar Minisite – The branded minisite and virtual room include the organizer’s topic, blurb, date, and speakers packaged in an engaging virtual room.
  • Automated Recording at the Same URL – Once the webinar has ended, a recording is automatically uploaded to the minisite at the same URL so marketers can maximize its potential and prolong the impact of their content.
  • Engagement Tools – Polls, announcements, and the opportunity to open group chat for the audience, along with user and crowd reactions, such as filling the screen with confetti, and bringing someone from the audience “on stage”.
  • Scalable Webinar Management – Easy-to-use webinar management tools allow marketers to scale up their webinar program with minimal effort and resources.
  • Deep Analytics and Marketing Automation Integration – Generates valuable insights that seamlessly flow into existing marketing automation systems for scoring and tracking digital touchpoints across the customer journey.

Along with the new release of Kaltura Webinars, Kaltura is publishing a new report “Webinars 2023 – The good, the bad and the clunky” detailing how marketers are currently, and plan on, using webinars. The report, which focused on companies already heavily utilizing webinars, found that 48% of marketers identified webinars as a powerful tool for attracting new prospects and that the number of companies holding 20 or more webinars yearly is projected to grow by 780% between 2022 and 2023.

While most webinar platforms provide marketers with tools to make their planning and execution of a webinar run smoothly, over a quarter of respondents said the management experience of their webinar tools needs improvement. Nearly half of marketers surveyed said they want better tools for landing page creation, while over 40% say connecting and signing into the platform is a struggle. When asked about their participants’ experience, 39% said that the experience was only acceptable or needs improvement.

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“Webinars aren’t just gaining traction, they are an irreplaceable tool in any marketer’s toolkit, especially B2B marketers,” says Lisa Bennett, EVP Marketing at Kaltura. “While webinars are here to stay, the experience itself has fallen behind. Virtual events have made huge leaps, so attendees have new, much higher expectations even from more traditional webinars. With Kaltura Webinars, marketers can now boost engagement and ROI, before, during, and after the webinar.”

The full “Webinars 2023 – The good, the bad, and the clunky” report can be accessed here. This report was created with data from a survey conducted during September and October 2022 of 250 marketers who use webinars across the US and EU. The respondents’ job titles ranged from Marketing Managers to CMOs at companies that range in size from 200 employees to over 10,000 employees.

If you would like to hear more about the report, please join us at Virtually Live! where Renan Gutman EVP Product at Kaltura will explore the report in greater depth. Virtually Live! is Kaltura’s second annual industry virtual event bringing together thousands of event pros and marketing leaders to talk about engaging attendees, leads, and customers before, during, and after events. Participants will hear from leading marketing and event executives on how to maximize the impact of digital and hybrid event experiences for both organizers and attendees.

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