Muay Thai Expert Christopher M. Aboy Tackles Mission to Change Lives With Martial Arts 1

Self-defense is regarded as a highly important skill nowadays as we equip ourselves to be ready for any danger. However, not everyone has access to these skills and tools to learn this. Seeing the gap, Christopher M. Aboy, who is a law enforcer by day and Muay Thai instructor by night, has committed to helping everyone master self-defense with martial arts and use their skills as their primary armor against every possible physical attack. He also aims to raise awareness on its many benefits for health and fitness. 

One of the most sought-after experts in Muay Thai, Chris has collaborated with other high-profile Muay Thai professionals and MMA champions, police instructors, kickboxing pros, and various coaches for international competitions. His sole mission is to help everyone master the art of self-defense, start their journey in combative sport, learn martial arts, and up their fitness game with Muay Thai, emphasizing its many positive effects on one’s overall wellness. 

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, of American and Filipino descent, Chris is the founder and head instructor of T.A.G. Muay Thai in Sterling, Virginia. He has been actively planning, setting, and hosting sparring exhibitions for his community, including seminars featuring world-renowned athletes. His events also focus on knowledge transfers among gym entrepreneurs, teaching seminars, workshops, and various self-defense classes held across the country. 

T.A.G. Muay Thai recently celebrated its first anniversary in May 2022 at its new permanent space at 45698 Elmwood Court, Suite B, in Sterling, Virginia, surviving the various ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic to fitness establishments, Chris remained a sharp and holistic leader, always thinking one step ahead. Faced with adversity and seeing people stay home instead of going to the gyms, the entrepreneur assessed the situation and formulated strategies to keep their doors open. One of his innovative solutions was providing virtual lessons to his clients until restrictions loosened up and people could start learning Muay Thai again in a physical space. His perseverance not only showed entrepreneurial ingenuity but also helped his clients maintain their routines regardless of the challenging circumstances. 

Chris believes in the slow and steady method of winning any race, hence making consistency one of his core values in teaching Muay Thai. Over the last 33 years in martial arts, he has coached countless individuals and changed their lives by equipping them with the true essence of whatever martial art they are practicing. The visionary achieved all these while simultaneously serving as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the US government, filling a significant role in his community. Throughout his run, Chris has transformed a two-car garage into a fully-equipped gym producing world-class athletes, giving people a place to train and hone their skills with some of the most seasoned coaches on his team. 

Furthermore, Chris is the author of Conquering Muay Thai, published in 2021 and Conquering Your Law Enforcement Career, which was self-published in October 2022. To empower readers from all walks of life, the author focused on topics that are not only close to his heart and passions but areas that he mastered over the years. Today, he wants his knowledge to serve as a blueprint for others who are only at the dawn of their journey.

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