An AI-based sustainable styling app that helps organize existing clothes like Cher’s digital wardrobe in “Clueless” 1

An AI-based sustainable styling app that helps organize existing clothes like Cher’s digital wardrobe in “Clueless” 2

People spend hours deciding what to wear in front of an overflowing wardrobe. Sometimes, they even feel guilty complaining that they have nothing to wear, but the truth is far from that. According to the Telegraph, the average woman spends almost a year in their life standing in front of the closet to find the perfect outfit for her daily life.

A South Korean startup brand Looko has developed and run a digital closet service ‘Acloset’ to solve those problems. By adopting AI technologies, Acloset provides users with a new way to create a digital wardrobe, select outfits, shop for fashion items, and share fashion ideas based on their clothes. Looko team believes a digital closet service with people’s clothes data will play a crucial role to complete the stressful fashion life with impulsive buying and unsatisfactory styling.

Unlike existing digital wardrobe apps, Acloset’s AI removes messy backgrounds of clothes and extracts details of clothes such as category, material, color, and pattern. Once a digital closet is created, users can easily decide what to wear by getting recommendations based on their outfit history, weather, and occasions. Also, style analytics with users’ closets is very useful as users can see at a glance what they often wear and which clothes they love. Thanks to Acloset, users can shop smartly based on their style history.

Since its official launch in February 2021, Acloset has achieved 1 million global users within 20 months. In particular, users are rapidly increasing mainly from Gen Z women in Europe and the United States. In June 2022, Acloset raised funds of millions of dollars from top-tiered venture capitals in South Korea.

Currently, Acloset is now preparing to open a resale market in their application where users can easily buy and sell their clothes based on their closet. Thanks to this feature, users can make their fashion life smarter by selling clothes that they don’t wear. Also, it will allow users to get a great chance to buy unique items that only can be found in others’ closets while making the fashion industry more sustainable.


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