BlockCerts Launches ORBITi Private Browser. User Defined. Community-Powered Web 4.0. 1

Leave the Exposed Web Behind with One Simple ORBITi Download. Stop Being Tracked, Hacked, and Exposed. Stop Paying for Single Apps. Catapult Productivity

BlockCerts announced a breakthrough with a revolutionary next internet Web 4.0 – that combines all the convenience of the APPs and tools we use to work today, along with all the functions of blockchain Smart Contracts, NFTs, and Crypto.

Now there is one place where anyone can access the first truly decentralized, distributed internet. “Web 4.0 by BlockCerts is on a mission to hand control back to every individual and business user, departing from the data, privacy, and tracking control of centralized tech companies. It is secured through the powerful Authentication Security by BlockCerts – and protects against the damaging effects of bad actors on the internet, and in business,” said Tim Vasko, Founder BlockCerts Blockchain.

Starting with the FREE ORBITi private browser, download directly at , a user immediately has options like secure FREE Meetings – which can be upgraded to an individual private cloud for just a single BCERT Token (about $10). ORBITi includes a transformation in how to store passwords, and logins anywhere on the web – without being tracked, or having your identity hijacked by centralized tech data brokers and phishing and malware bad actors. Ad blocking and site tracker blocking are embedded.

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“ORBITi is the first private web browser to provide a Web 4.0 experience by combining the BCERTin wallet. Access new apps, in your private cloud, to work or manage your private life and slash costs.”
— Tim Vasko, Founder, BlockCerts

Users have the option of downloading the free BCERTin Wallet – creating a secure DomainCERTin URL that enables them to keep their businesses, private information, and private data from being bounced around the internet, when they use SaaS tools, from one company to the next. Starting with ORBITi – we are placing you, the user, in control of your digital life, and work, with complete privacy and data.

“It’s not only more secure, private and gives you control,” said Vasko, “It’s way more productive and cost-effective. I feel better every day saving a ton of money, knowing only I and my Teams and family have our private information, from encrypted video to private chat channels,” said Vasko.

With our advanced versions, BlockCerts has created tracking, security, and metrics with growing algorithms and AI models that were only available to the largest companies in the world. “Now, most every business, and in 2023 every individual, will have a level playing field on how control of data and tools, drives the internet,” Vasko said.

The world is tired of being tracked, hacked, and exposed, on the internet and on centralized apps. The cost in productivity, and lack of solutions for Hybrid Work environments, coupled with over $10.5 Trillion dollars in predicted annual digital fraud globally, made the BlockCerts Blockchain User Controlled Smart SaaS and DAPP platform come alive.

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Vasko smiled, “with COVID, people finally understood what we’d been working on, and why, for all of these years” he went on “we didn’t do the Crypto hype thing for a reason, we wanted to deliver real-world value with blockchain and AI – with ORBITi and BCERTin Wallet that works for everyone, anywhere, we have”.

BlockCerts reinvented the internet, with a private cloud, a track-free web, DAPP tools that offer more productivity, slashed costs and eliminates the handcuffs for businesses to own and control their own data. The BCERT Token is the first utility token to power a private cloud and suite of tools, which also disrupts the individual costs of monthly paid apps.

The BlockCerts token holder community is the first to experience the web 4.0 reinvented internet. “We have already started the governance where the user community controls what happens next on the internet, instead of the giant tech leaders, and blockchain geeks,” Vasko said.

Now users control who sees their data – with the patented power to “redact” in their own control – the start of live self sovereign identity is embedded by BlockCerts, through the live work done on a patent journey that started in 2010 and was first granted in 2015, with other patents that followed.

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The patented Secure Virtual Space Technology makes this possible. BlockCerts is eliminating the fraudulent characters from the internet. We’ve removed the costs that were associated with every app and Seat Fee licenses companies have to pay for every employee. This lowers costs by 500% or more and removes fraud risks with the BlockCerts DAPP Web 4.0 model.

Beginning immediately, you can download the free ORBITi private browser which provides the ease and functionality of a browser, like most people are used to. BlockCerts’ goal was to remove the blockers of “geek speak” and knowledge – getting the power of blockchain into the hands of any user, without having to become an expert.

Users can now complete their Web 4.0 experience by downloading the free ORBITi and BCERTin Wallet to create their own private internet. A BCERT Token official launch is coming for Black Friday – where the BlockCerts Cloud will begin to distribute at scale for all users who register by starting their Web 4.0 journey with a single Token.

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