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Exclusive customer engagement platform to speak publicly about Mass Customer Mobilization and intentional social virality.

November 11, 2022 – GoVi today announced confirmation that they will be attending eTail West in Palm Springs, CA from Feb 27 to March 2, 2022. This milestone is a major move for GoVi as they have previously been in “stealth mode”, only allowing invite-only clients to their patented Mass Customer Mobilization platform.

“After tremendous success with our early adopter clients, we’ve decided to soon allow general access to the GoVi platform,” says Peter Jenson, CEO at GoVi. “Our clients have been able to use our tech to go viral on demand and achieve incredible success in their growth efforts. We’re excited to make this secret-weapon technology available to additional innovative brands.”

GoVi’s founding team has an extensive background in developing military technology and they’ve utilized this expertise to build a multi-patented platform that transforms the dynamic between brand and customer. With exclusive rights to use this technology in the commercial space, GoVi is changing the customer engagement strategy for their clients by engaging entire customer bases to interact with and create massive value for their favorite brands. Mass Customer Mobilization boosts market share, reduces churn, improves loyalty, and increases customer lifetime value.

GoVi is pioneering an evolved understanding of customer lifetime value that encompasses more than simply purchase behavior. Traditionally, customers have been viewed solely as purchasing agents, so their value is entirely viewed based on their average spend over a given period of time. GoVi clients are at the forefront of a paradigm shift in brand/customer relationships, realizing that customers’ social influence and data generation also have significant value that should be utilized for brand and revenue growth.

At eTail West, GoVi will be expanding on this new dynamic and how to use this knowledge to transform marketing and growth strategies regardless of the state of the economy.

This comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments in 2022, including: Multiple granted patents, highly successful market tests with invite-only clients, and doubling the size of the company.

“Your own customers are your own ‘secret weapon’ – they’re always in on the latest trend because they are the latest trend. GoVi tech lets you take advantage of that. It’s time for your brand to stop chasing and start leading.” – Peter Jenson

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About GoVi:

GoVi technology enables companies to generate on-demand viral growth by seamlessly orchestrating customer actions on a massive scale. Customers become impassioned as they are rewarded for the value they contribute through their advocacy as well as through their voice, while brands achieve an unparalleled engine for customer acquisition in addition to critical customer insights and deeper customer relationships. To the benefit of both brands as well as their customers, this evolution in customer engagement revolutionizes the way that customers are acquired, retained, and understood, while simultaneously transforming the customer experience into a more captivating, empowering, and mutually rewarding relationship with the brands they love to support.

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