In 2021, two Frisco teens, Paul Joseph and Archit Thanikella were inspired to look at the deficiencies within modern traffic systems. With urban sprawl becoming more common, environmental sustainability comes into question as more cars will be on the road by 2050. These concerns led to the upstart of a non-profit that ties back to their personal experiences: ScaleEd.

ScaleEd provides mentorship opportunities to nearly 500+ volunteers where they further initiatives through various projects that ScaleEd conducts. Some notable projects that ScaleEd has been able to do include FlashPoint and Fovea. These projects specifically aim to reduce carbon emissions that are formed due to inefficient road systems and pothole detection software. ScaleEd further hosts educational workshops where they recognize volunteers through stipends in refining environmental initiatives.

Some notable awards that ScaleEd has been able to win include a publication into a peer reviewed journal known as Harvard Journal of Emerging Investigators, an invitation to Harvard Research Science Conference, a Grand Award at Genius Olympiad, and the best student presentation award at the IEEE. Looking beyond these awards, they’ve impacted their community in a positive way leading to Congressional Recognition by US Representative Van Taylor and being recognized by TD Bank & National Liberty Museum for being young heroes.

ScaleEd has a growing team that are passionate about combating problems that are faced in local communities. They’ve been able to secure mentorship from universities like Harvard Innovation labs, Stanford Automotive Research Faculty, RIT, UNT, and IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology). In addition they’ve been able to partner with a state-recognized AI company, Macrotech Consulting to help implement their mission across the nation. ScaleEd’s platform has allowed projects to combat disparities faced in various communities.

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