November 11, 2022 – Clarksburg, West Virginia – John Vantana, the creator of the wildly successful film The New Law of Attraction: 2024, is thrilled to announce that the film has been turned into a new one-on-one business coaching mentorship program. 

The mentorship program delves into how the New Law of Attraction IPBR works and how it can change people’s professional lives. 

Vantana has risen to the top in multiple industries, started several successful businesses and assists others in changing their lives using the L.O.A. method. His new coaching program offers to take people by the hand in a, step-by-step, paint by the number’s way, so anyone can use the Law of Attraction in their career or business.

What do you want in your life? More clients, wealth, time with family, that big break? 

Author John Vantana encourages anyone seeking to better their careers or business to explore the Law of Attraction to realize their aspirations. 

“The Law of Attraction is science not Satan. You have to have an edge to be successful in business and my new IPBR Law of attraction is what you’re looking for,” says Vantana. 

You are enough. That is the resounding message and thread that runs through IPBR for Winners. According to Vantana, the Law of Attraction is currently being used against us; people attract everything into their lives, either by accident or on purpose, and the “auto-pilot life” that most people lead is a sure recipe for failure.

Vantana invites business professionals who are tired of being ignored and having second-best success to learn a variety of success tips, including

  • How to use the 10 Commandments of Attraction to massively improve success quickly.

  • How to stop wasting time with outdated Law of Attraction techniques from the 1950’s that only provide “hit and miss” results.

  • How to use John Vantana I.P.B.R. formula for the fastest results

  • How to follow the step-by-step instructions for attracting a job, opportunities, and success.

  • How to wow, people with new abilities to attract dreams into life.

  • Learn what people do wrong and how to get results in as little as 30 seconds to 30 days.

In his cutting-edge one-on-one mentorship Vantana teaches new keys to the L.O.A., Vantana also offers his mentees the answers to professional and career questions as well as the secrets to attracting the kind of partnerships, success, and attention they’ve always desired.

Vantana puts it this way: “As the saying goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” so prepare to be corrupted. The New Law of Attraction for winners will empower you to change your career right now. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for.” 

About John Vantana:

John Vantana believes in the Law of Attraction and used it to go from abject poverty to four-folding his income in one year, gaining his wife’s love, and having four daughters. Based on his own experiences and success, Vantana is inspired to teach other entrepreneurs and businesspeople the secrets of the controversial Law of Attraction.


To find out more about John Vantana, his book The New Law of Attraction: IPBR Your Master Key to Success, or to arrange an interview for an article, please contact us.



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