Nextor & Exais MOU Signed

Nextor & Exais MOU Signed 1Startups for metaverse platform development (Nextor) & blockchain service provider (Exais) They will launch their metaverse platform, Zemiverse, 1st QT 2023.

Exais, a blockchain company, announced that they have signed a business agreement with Nextor, a company developing ZEMIVERSE, a metaverse platform based on ‘hot place’. The business agreement between Nextor and Exais is a part of strengthening the ZEMI-WORLD ecosystem, a blockchain service that Exais is leading. Exais is a company that develops a blockchain service platform.

Through this agreement, the two companies plan to build a metaverse service and Zemiverse based on blockchain technology to ensure creators’ ownership, implement a decentralized ecosystem, and continue business-wide cooperation including C2E (Create to Earn).

Zemiverse, scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2023, is a C2E (Create To Earn) service where creators create and distribute a variety of content based on Hongdae, a real hot spot for the MZ generation in Seoul, Korea. Creators can create and trade various contents such as busking, mini-games, galleries, and many more in Zemiverse.

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In particular, Exais’ Zemi-World will open its service website on November to reveal the progress of Zemiverse development and actual play videos. In addition, the website will provide various perks such as Zemi-Token airdrop and limited NFT purchase through Zemi-Wallet.

In addition, Nextor is a company specializing in AI and metaverse, and has been recognized for its technological prowess, such as receiving 1.5 million USD in seed investment from individual investors other than ISTN. Recently, they are expected to show upgraded technology by developing the metaverse platform, Zemiverse that reproduces the actual Hongdae street as it is.

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