The BAM Magazine inspires and empowers readers to chase their dreams and aspire for glory without worrying about age and society.

Boston, MA – November 11, 2022 – The BAM Magazine is pleased to announce that they have recently launched their Fall 2022 Edition this November. The Fall Edition is graced by the great and famous Mika Race, leading minister of the Gospel and successful business woman. The November issue also features phenomenal stories from several other renowned figures, including Nayaah, Ghanian (U.K-based gospel music recording artist), Prophetess Naise of Zambia, Dr. Tracy Quintana from the USA, Apostle Jivel Tousand from the USA, Prophetess Silindokuhle Hlongwane, Dodai Dorothy and Prophetess Thandi Lavisage (South Africa), and Ocholi Okutepa (Nigeria).

Launched in the early quarter of November, The Fall 2022 Edition of BAM focuses on several topics, including innovation, health and wellness, and finance. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a selected charity organization whose focus is to assist women who are or have been victims of domestic violence.

The BAM (Bust A Move) is an endeavor by 58-year-young Pam Reece, best-selling Amazon author, host of the Bust A Move Radio/Podcast show that’s popular in several countries, and a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. The  Editor-In-Chief of the BAM Magazine, Pam is also a mentor, advocate, philanthropist, and highly successful entrepreneur. 

A true braveheart and optimist to the core, Pam believes there is no fixed age for pursuing one’s dreams. Rather, she always emphasizes on the fact that there are many celebrities and renowned figures who have realized their dreams later in life, such as Susan Boyle, Julia Child, Colonel Sanders, and so on. Pam herself started her radio/podcast show at the age of 56 and now she is shining bright with her own magazine at the age of 58. 

“If you ever feel that it’s too late to start pursuing your dreams, please try to get rid of such toxic thoughts first. I can offer you tons of examples where people bloomed late in life- but the best part is they were determined to live their dreams. And that spirit is the most significant thing- not your age. I myself started a magazine just two years shy of 60 and I am not just surviving but also thriving. And it’s such ethos that motivated me to launch The BAM Magazine”, stated Pam.

Driven by her ethos that it’s never too late to live your dreams, The BAM Magazine Is designed to inform, empower, and inspire the readers to pull up the courage to chase their dreams, regardless of their age. In that light, the magazine highlights dynamic bravehearts from all over the world who are making a strong move to create a positive impact in their lives – and also that of the others. 

“The world is your oyster – you can do anything if you want to. So, keep that spirit alive.” 

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