Cuddle Inc. Enables Donors to Give Crypto to Numerous Local Nonprofits within seconds

Cuddle inc., a crypto company, has started a first-of-its-kind charity that enables people all over the world to donate crypto to local nonprofit organizations within seconds. Cuddle inc. is creating ways to help local nonprofit organizations accept crypto donations while empowering donors to give cryptocurrencies to their favorite causes.

The project aimed straight to create real impact, unlike many other projects raising funds. On the contrary, Cuddle puts a good cause in the first place, right from the start, donating their funds in the first place (so far over $30,000). All donations can be reviewed in a transparent way directly on the blockchain and are also presented openly on their website:

“Crypto is the perfect instrument to help in the fastest way possible,” said Filip I., Co-Founder of Cuddle inc. “We are excited to bring crypto to charities that are not yet onboarded, without knowledge about cryptocurrency from their side. 100% of the donations to our charity partner widgets will be sent to the bank account of the related charity partner.”

“Crypto for good – donating transparently. Connecting charity with blockchain”

“Crypto for good is our motto and we are excited to show the world what a great tool crypto can be for helping all over the globe most transparently”, said Tommy G., the second Co-Founder of Cuddle inc. The company is aiming to create the largest crypto charity network in history. All donations should be visible in a transparent way. They’re not one of those organizations that pledge its funds to charities that have 80%+ overhead costs.

Cuddle inc. enables nonprofit organizations to implement a widget on their website that contains an Ethereum address. In this way, anyone can make direct transparent donations that are recorded on the blockchain and be sure that 100% of the intended funds go where they should.

“Enabling the community to connect with their favorite good cause and be sure that their donation goes the intended way is the core reason behind the movement. We hope more people will join our movement to create a clear sign that blockchain is the future for solving the transparency problem in the charity space”, said Co-Founder Tommy G.

If you want to help and contribute to the movement you can donate to the company’s impact fund wallet. 50% of the donations go to supporting other nonprofit organizations.

If you want to donate to already onboarded nonprofit organizations directly you can check the implemented widget on their website and send it to their Ethereum address. 100% of the donations will go to the related charity.

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