A recent research by the EHS revealed that mercury-containing equipment such as lamps and bulbs categorized as universal waste- waste materials that are designated as hazardous waste, has encompassed a huge part of the waste generated from last year all over the world.

Unsurprisingly, this has resulted from the fact that although LED lights have long been introduced as a more efficient way of lighting, some people still use the HID or fluorescent system.

One niche brand has gone against the grain of challenging multi-sector giants in the market: PacLights has been committed to providing reliable performance lighting fixtures. Formed in 2013, their mission is to promote environmental friendliness in their customer’s facilities by embracing the leading LED’s solid state technology as the illumination source for every commercial and industrial lighting application.

A Special Mission: Giving Back

PacLights’ mission to ‘give back’ to the community has been going forward through their abundance of innovative schemes and a special mission to create more jobs across the country. PacLights is proud to, and will continue to create more employment opportunities for the country.

The altruistic brand’s mission and ongoing expansion depicts that they are rapidly growing to be acknowledged as one of the leading spots in the industry in terms of sustainable lighting.

An Eco-Friendly Brand: Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Sustainable brands are those who undertake sustainable practices in the process of their business. In PacLights’ case, this esteemed brand strives to make an affordable, high efficiency, cost-effective, energy-saving, and long life advanced LED Lighting Solutions. To accomplish that, the lighting industry can one day become an industry that contributes to a greener environment.

Final Words: A Committed Brand

As a final note, it should also be noted the brand’s aforementioned commitment to a ‘sustainable’ lighting by reducing the impact of excessive energy usage in an ecological perspective and to properly conserve, have resulted in most of its supporters calling it a ‘committed brand’.

This is because PacLights is committed to increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the current lighting system.


“Since 2013, PacLights has been committed to providing reliable and performance lighting fixtures, retrofit kits and controls. Engineered to save energy and promote environmental friendliness in our customers’ facilities, PacLights products are trusted by fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and leading private sector property owners. Embracing the leading LED’s solid state technology as the illumination source, PacLights offers affordable, high efficiency, energy savings, eco-friendly and long life advanced LED Lighting Solutions for every commercial or industrial lighting application.” – PacLights

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